AGM Report

Overview of report from AGM can be found clicking here.

Mike Pritchard – 29th November.

AGM – 12th November

41 members attended the clubs AGM on 12th November. Over a two hour meeting, members were updated on club activities in 2015 and given an overview of 2016. All but one of the motions were carried with the only one rejected was to offer a discount on membership to those who had completed an RYA course. It was felt that removing the joining fee was sufficient incentive.

The new committee consists of Dr. Michael Pritchard (Commodore), Roger Day (Rear Commodore Sailing), Jeff Marshall (Treasurer), Dennis King (Honary Secretary), Roger Chilvers (Membership Secretary), Don Bishop (Social Secretary, Bob Ceurstemont and Michael Leach (Bosuns), Gary Cawthorn (Sailing and Finance Support), Duncan Adams (Communication) and Keith Brereton (Training Principal). Dave Bexson is Project Manager for the new clubhouse and will report to the committee, whilst Jill Reid is Junior Officer and will also attend some committee meetings as well as being a key member of the Sailing Committee

A large section was on the new clubhouse and a copy of Mike Pritchard’s presentation can be found in the Members Section. If need log-in details please contact Mike.