Cruising / Casual Sailing

Life is not a race! All of us have different reasons why we enjoy being on the water and this often doesn’t include racing.

One of our core aims at ASC is to get people on the water regardless of age or ability and so our non-racing days are a vital part of our club activities. Every Friday evening and Saturday afternoon from early March until the end of September we open up and encourage our club members to join us on the water.

These sessions are informal; arrive when you want, sail as much or as little as you want, tinker with your boat, drink coffee and ponder the wind that looks a little more breezy now that you’ve actually got your boat on the water, pluck up the courage, share advice and enjoy life.

Whether you’re young or old, fast or slow, experienced or improving doesn’t matter; these are great times for the whole family to get out on the water, build your sailing skills and to socialise with other club members.

The shiny new changing rooms and clubhouse will be open and the kettle will be on.

Friday Casual Sailing

From March to October, there is regular casual sailing on Friday afternoons & evenings, from 5pm to dusk. You can have a sail then enjoy a barbecue/pizza/picnic and the clubhouse will be open. Dennis and/or Louis will be there on almost every Friday and will often be there earlier than 5:00, particularly at the start and end of the season where the sunset is early.

But if you want to check beforehand you can contact us. Email: or the ASC Casual Sailing WhatsApp Group.

“If anyone is interested in starting earlier, let me know.”


Saturday Casual Sailing

Saturday afternoon sessions will re-start in 2023 and run from 2pm until at least 4:00pm (later, depending on how much fun we’re having!).  These will run on alternate Saturday afternoons (approx!) starting on Saturday 29th May – see the 2023 Sailing Calendar v3

Follow us on Facebook (Attenborough Sailing Club) and join our WhatsApp group for regular updates on our Casual Sailing. Email if you’d like to know more.

Sailing at Other Times

Just because these are the official times doesn’t mean you can’t sail at other times as well. The club rules explain our approach to sailing outside these times if you wish to.

Most important – enjoy! It is a lovely place to spend the day.

Louis Mok

ASC Casual Sailing WhatsApp Group

We have a WhatsApp group set up to allow people to discuss casual sailing. A great way to find out what time anyone else is planning to be at the club.

If you are a member of the club and you would like to join the group, please give your mobile number to one of us, email or complete this form:

    Note: you will need to have WhatsApp installed on your phone first.

    You can download it from your phone’s app store.

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