What We’ve Done


My goals for next year juniors are to get the kids more involved with the club and get them out racing. As well to get all the juniors to move up 1 RYA level , depending on if I can teach them after I get my Dinghy Instructors award. 

I plan to get our juniors and youths more involved with the club by encouraging them to come down to races, 

I would like to get the youth out on the clean up days at the club over the  winter to help clean up the youth boats and equipment. 

I would like to get our juniors and youth  involved with some of the club duties. I think the older kids are big enough to be OOD4 and we could have all the kids sign up as an OOD2 by pairing up with the adult OOD2. Any other ideas on this would be great. 

Iona Reid 
Junior Representative
Attenborough Sailing Club

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