ASC Burn’s Night

I think we can all agree that the Burn’s Night dinner and Ceilidh was a great success. Thanks to the great efforts of Elaine.

Here is a run-through of the evening.

The Preparation

Elain put in much effort in advance of the event.

When it came to the day, she got plenty of help.

First Sitting

It turned out to be such a popular event that we ended up having two sittings. Haggis Neeps and Taties for the early birds.

Main Arrivals

At least some who had promised to wear kilts had done so.

Main Sitting

And onto the main sitting. Haggis Neeps and Taties.

Then Cranachan is served.


This was followed by some very impressive poetry reading.

A Man’s A Man For A That by Robert Burns
To A Mouse by Robert Burns


And on to the Ceilidh dancing. This was great fun. Vickie Mok did a great job doing the calling. Very few sat out the dances.

Ceilidh Dance – Gay Gordon – the practice.
Ceilidh Dance – Gay Gordon – the dance.
Ceilidh Dance – Strip the Willow.

And we finished with Auld Lang Syne.

In Conclusion

I think you can see from the above, we all had a great time. We are all grateful for the effort for the effort put in by Elaine and others.

And thanks to everyone for turning up. It was a very different event from what the club had put on before. We had no idea whether anyone would be interested enough to come.

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