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Donations towards the Weed Fund

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Raising money for clearing the weed in our water to allow for good sailing.

So far we have raised £1,190 towards our £3,500 target! That’s 34% of the total!

What is the ‘Weed Fund’?

Through the spring and summer, we get a lot of weed growing in the water. This can quickly get thick enough to make sailing impossible. When it is just in patches it is still a challenge to avoid.

There are a number of options for clearing weed in water, but the only option open to us is to cut it back. We have been advised the most efficient method would be to cut it twice a year.

This can be very expensive. We realised that to raise the club fees enough to cover the total cost of clearing the weed as well as the club’s other expenses would be considerable and we felt some members would find it too much and would not rejoin.

So we have raised fees slightly and introduced a ‘Weed Fund’ to allow for voluntary contributions and other fundraising throughout the year.

How can I contribute?

  • There is the option to add a voluntary ‘weed fund donation’ when you are rejoining.
  • You can make a BACS payment to the club at any time. Give it a reference of ‘Weed Fund’.
  • There will be other fundraising opportunities such as raffles.

Note: Contributions will not be publicised. We would not want anyone who cannot afford to contribute to be made to feel they were any less a valuable member of the club.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions, please get in touch, or email membership@attenboroughsc.org.uk.

Thank You