First race of the season – Alternative view

Seven boats took to the water for the first race of the season which started slowly in very light winds. By the first mark two Phantoms had started to show their speed in the light airs and got away. Named storm Freya was forecast to come in from the south west and as the race progressed so did the wind speed. With this change also came a change in direction which with large shifts and hard to handle gusts capsizes were on the cards. Kevin Milton was the first casualty and managed to get his mast stuck in the thick black Attenborough mud which allowed two following Supernova and Laser to pass. Kevin was not the only casualty and Kevin Last managed to get the pointy bit laying flat on two occasions. Roger Day seeing this and also the Laser having a hard time in the gusts and only had two Comets behind decided discretion was sometimes the best part of valour and came ashore. Five of the seven boats completed but only two ventured out for the second race whilst others watched from the comfort of the new clubhouse.