AGM Motion Results

A lively AGM, heard reports from the out going committee and elected a new committee. Of the motions:
1. Weed as a priority over clubhouse was rejected 2 to 1 with clubhouse expected to be completed with budget.
2/3. Motions to retrict memebership fee increases to 5% were relected by 2 to 1.
4. Motion to increase fees by £50 was amended and meeting agreed by 2 to 1 to increase all fees by 20% for 2019.
5. Officers of the club – agreed unaminously that Commodore should be in post for only two years and that to stand for post of Commodore one needed to be on the committee for one year and not two years prior to appointment (change to rule 3.2)
6. Motion to have fees paid by 1st March instead of 31st March before lost membership rights, was amended and approved by 2 to 1. The deadline for payment is now 1st February (amended Rule 2.12).
7. Motion to have a seperate junior section was defeated unanimously. Junior sailing will stay responsability of the Sailing Committee.