Comet Comet Comet

Seems everything is in 3s at the moment. A great win for Josie Adams today in her Comet for the ASC PY Handicap series, winning from fellow Cometers Andrew Beaumont and Malcolm Davidson with Roger Chilvers 6th in his Comet with Brian Dennis sailing his chartered Miracle in to 5th place and a more familiar face Nick Marlow 5th in a Lark. This series based on handicaps calculated for Attenborough rather than a national average is certainly producing interesting results and the usual top 3 were mid table today. This series as been averaging 21 entries per race after six races the most popular series over the last two years. In the Fast series, Nick and Ruth Marlow won from Kevin Last and Keith Brereton. Paul Jago won the Slow fleet from Mike Pritchard and Josie Adams.