New instructors wanted!

Do you remember the day you learnt to sail?

Can you remember the feeling of nervous excitement you felt when you first stepped into a sailing boat under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor, and the reassurance you were given when you felt it gently tip under your weight?

Do remember the buzz you felt when that first gust  forced you up onto the gunnel, and the boat glided forward?

Happy memories, right? And I am sure that your life has changed for the better since Dinghy Sailing was added to it!

It is likely that these first experiences were facilitated by someone who had those same feelings themselves years before and wanted others to experience it too. Possibly that person was a volunteer instructor at this or another club somewhere in the country.

Our club is now looking for volunteers who would like to pass their knowledge, passion and experience to other new sailors. We are considering running an instructor training course at the club to increase our rosta of volunteer instructors. We will always need people to run courses to ensure the future of the club. Courses bring new sailors, and are a great way of recruiting new members. New members ensure the club continues to thrive. At the moment our instructor numbers are low, so if you feel that you can help and are interested in becoming an instructor, please email me, Ray Kemish at to express your interest. I will then keep you informed as our plans to run the course evolve