Compound Clean Up Work Party – Sat 26th Feb

Compound Clean Up Work Party – Sat 26th Feb

More great progress at the sailing club last Saturday in preparation for beginning sailing again.

With the barge out of the way, club members got to work on manoeuvring the pontoon that had previously been attached to the end of the barge, into the position the barge had been occupying. The steel grid was then put back into place as the link between the fixed wooden decking and the floating pontoon. 

Volunteers then got to work on repairing the buffering around the edge of the decking and the pontoon, ready for sailing dinghies to be able to moor against it without getting damaged.

We also spent time filling a skip with rubbish that had been accumulating during the clean up…

…and had a general tidy up of other areas of the compound.

Thanks to all who were able to come down and give their time.

The final Work Party will be this coming Saturday morning (5th March) from 9 – noon. So, why don’t you come on down to join us, as we finish off the compound tidy up and get everything ready for the first racing on Sunday.  You’ll help us as we endeavour to improve the overall experience at ASC this coming Season. It will also help us as we encourage more of us | on the water | more of the time, in 2022.   You may even be rewarded with real Coffee and treats to re-energise you til noon!  Come when you can and leave when you need to.