Compound Clean Up Work Party – Sat 22nd January

The bright sunshine and warmer weather brought out even more members to help with the next step of the Compound Clean up works, on the morning of Saturday 22nd Jan.

Bankside Bramble Clearance by Bill & Keith

Boats were moved from Rows G&H in super quick time only for Trevor & Freddie to become entangled by the loose laid carpeting. Notwithstanding those delays, all plots in these two rows were cleared of undergrowth and brambles leaving members easy access to their boats for the start of the season.
Other works included: disposal of the cut brambles, together with a number of abandoned and life-expired wooden boats – thanks to the boyhood skills exercised by the Scouts amongst the group.
Progress was also made by Roger & Nick on upgrades to the Dory, clearing brambles from the car park edges by Kev M and behind the Containers by Andrew & Jason, replacing the damaged wheel/tyre on Connie’s Trailer by Rich… and Malcolm continued the upgrades to the Pontoons. Quite how he managed to do this alone and without the input of his ‘partner in crime’ we’ll never know!

Special thanks to:
1. the family of Fields. We do hope that Andrew got home without making too much of a mess of the rear seat of the car.  Note to Members: the ice on the Lagoon is never as thick as it looks!
2. LESC who came down to start moving their offcuts from cutting back the overgrown bushes at the West end of the compound to disposal point
3. Bill S & Keith A for their bankside undergrowth clearance in mid-week and
4. Mike L for starting the works to improve the ambience of the Main Clubroom




















There will be a Work Party each Saturday morning from 9 – noon, up to 5th March (inclusive).
So, why don’t you come on down next Saturday morning to join us, as we continue with these works. Believe it or not, we’re 50% through the Plot Clearance works, with Rows A-F left to tackle. You’ll help us as we endeavour to improve the overall experience at ASC this coming Season. It will also help us as we encourage more of us | to get out on the water | more of the time, in 2022.  You may even be rewarded with Real Coffee and treats to re-energise you to the end…