A Comet and a Laser cut the lines on Sunday 25th July

The sun shone brightly on the newly appointed Rear Commodore Sailing, taking over from Duncan Adams, who has felt compelled to step down from the role, in order to concentrate on his fledgling business acquisition. Will we be calling Duncan Silly Sally for the rest of the season? Maybe – but on a more serious note Duncan, thank you for the efforts you have invested into the sailing at ASC over the last couple of seasons. We wish you as much success with your business as you enjoyed on the water here at Conneries Lagoon!

Having anchored Connie the Committee boat secure in the protection of one of the small islands in front of the Clubhouse, the Race Officers realised that something was not quite right as water began to swirl around their ankles. After calling the Safety Boat across to insert the drainage bung in Connie’s transom, OOD2 Nick Colbeck valiantly bailed her out, which was effective, only as long as OOD1 Peter Hampshire remained on her starboard side. This led to numerous critical comments arising from the pilots, posturing for prime position on the craftily located start line for Race 1, as the ‘flag raising and lowering’ in the Count-down to the start, was not quite in accordance with RYA race starting procedure.

After a surprisingly clean start, normal service was not resumed. Roger Day in his Scavenger did not secure first spot. This was ripped from his hands by the rip-roaring race sailed by the Comet of Malcolm The Magician Davidson. Somehow, he managed to adopt the forward-leaning position necessary long enough to force Roger back into 4th place. Must have been caused by an unusually large G&T poured soon after the start, leaving Roger concentrating on other things. Another notable achievement was the secure seamanship of the ever-improving Louis Mok sailing his fully-rigged Laser, eventually securing third spot on the podium, just behind the ever-present podium placer: Kevin Milton.

The start for Race 2 was a much more ordered affair. Not a voice of dissent dare be raised as the PRO fulfilled flawless flag raising and lowering functions. With a third-place secured in Race 1, Louis Mok was not satisfied. He came charging through the start line to set himself up nicely amongst the faster boats in the fleet and managed to maintain this position throughout. He returned to be reunited with his family radiant with his high-class performance on the day with a 1st and 3rd from the two races. Well sailed Louis!

It was great to see the enjoyment on the faces of all the racers, particularly as they reacted to the riotous comments made from the Committee boat each time they passed through The Gate. Fun on the water featured highly throughout the afternoon, which was great for all to see and enjoy.

Note to all future OODs – do compose the write-ups on the day of the race, so you can remember what actually happened in the races, rather than leaving it for far too long – like what I have just done!

A suitably satisfied Louis Mok – with his day’s performance!
Malcolm (The Magician) Davidson adopting that forward-facing position
Such concentration from Malc Jones – in his renamed steed: Hans