Casual Sailing – June/July

Here is our latest Casual Sailing report for June/July.

18th June:
The weather got the better of us. Nobody was at the club.

25th June:
Gusting to about 21 knots today.
Patrick managed to damage his Mirror daggerboard and casing.
Don managed to capsize his Miracle and it looks like the boat needs some work on it.
Louis and Mark Bennett had to man the safety boat.

7 boats sailed:

  • 2x Lasers
  • 2x Mirrors
  • Streaker
  • Commet Duo
  • Miracle

2nd July:
Enjoyable sail by 8 sailors.

8 boats sailed:

  • 5x Lasers
  • 2x Streakers
  • Supernova

9th July:
Louis and others helped new member Grant get a club Feva rigged.
Light winds. Forecast was 4 knots gusting to 9. At one time there was no wind at all.
Sailing steadily down the pond watching the Arctic Turns diving into the water to catch fish. They were quite close to us, completely ignoring us.
We did have a reasonable amount of wind for a while.

8 boats sailed:

  • 3x Lasers
  • Mirror
  • Commet Duo
  • Streaker
  • Supernova
  • Feva

Mark Bell rigged his Laser but the wind dropped again before he could get on the water.

16th July:
Another day of light winds but enough to give everyone an enjoyable sail. We had 8 sailing and then there was a BBQ afterwards which plenty of people enjoyed.

8 boats sailed:

  • 2x Mirrors
  • 4x Lasers
  • Streaker
  • Solo

Next Friday
Weather is looking good for next Friday. Hope to see you on the water.