Wednesday – 28-4-21 Race Report

The forecast 17mph , gusting 25mph, chilled Nor-easter greeted seven potential jockeys to the Conneries Lagoon this evening. Along with hoards of twitchers, with their optics focussed on the flocks of Arctic Terns – who were loving the home-like conditions. As the wind howled through the lone tree and whistled through the rigging in the compound, much soul searching and teeth sucking whittled the field down to four, who found themselves reaching along the startline, jostling for that clean get-away… or were they merely aiming to stay right-way-up.
The massed spectators (including the non-starters, Commodore, current and ‘ex’ RC Sailing amongst others) lined the club balcony (socially distanced, of course) to witness what they foresaw as a spectacle. PRO

Kevin Last

set a challenging first leg – a beat the length of the Lagoon to Mark 4.

Kevin Milton

(I don’t check the results Kev) in his fire-red shorts, selected to suit his fiery Phantom, led the fleet around the first mark. He was followed round by Rob Corner, on his slippery Supernova steed,

Ray Kemish

riding his ‘shall I fly the Rooster 8.1 in this, nah better stick to the Laser 1’ stallion and Jeff Marshal, anchoring the fleet on his conditions-centred Laser 4.7m pony.

The wind remained as constant throughout the evening, as the order of the boats around the race-track. As the sun settled silently, so the spectators shuffled away to end their shivering sojurn at the waterside. Kev’s joy at taking line honours was swiftly shattered, as first Ray, swiftly followed by Rob and last-but-not-least Jeff, all snatched the podium finish he so keenly sought from his ‘aluminium tiller extension’ grasping hands, on handicap.
So, whilst

Kevin Milton

won’t be checking the results tonight… (at least not for long!) he might well be researching his rig tensioning tuning…