Report From the Sunday Races

Another blistering two races for Sunday series.
Race officer

Jonathan Adams

was once again looking for the wind, in order to be able to set a course for the eager six competitors keen to float around the Coneries pond this afternoon.

Roger Day

‘s enthusiasm for getting the course set in good time transferred to the racecourse where he was promptly recorded OCS, but having made amends still rounded the windward mark within a few boat lengths of race leader Kevin Milton.

Bob Cuerstemont seemed to be developing that familiar supernova habit of pretending to be a Phantom and kept pace well throughout race 1, with

Peter Hampshire

, Malcolm Davidson and

Louis Mok

battling it out in the slower handicapped boats. I think Roger may have pipped them all on handicap but only race results guru

Gary Cawthorn

will be able to confirm.

Race 2 started a little early to try and take advantage of some air that came through shortly after the end of race 1. Sadly this disappeared again. Poor Bob having crossed the line to start his third lap on 32 minutes, headed around the course only to be marooned at the top of the lake as the wind took its leave.
A rare first beer in a safe outdoor setting was enjoyed by a few stragglers, hopefully the sun will stay out but the wind will come to play on Wednesday.
Can the last one to leave turn out the lights?!