Until Next Year Wednesday Evening

Until Next Year Wednesday Evening



Another year of Wednesday sailing drew to a close last night, with Duncan (me) wrapping up another win I settled into my OOD duties with great glee,

Tried my best to set a course for all. Which seemed to do the job.


As with most starts there was a little controversy as it look like a blue laser hit the mark, but it would appear that he was clear… but we won’t talk about number 9…  


The races set off with Bob taking an early leed. Followed by Andrew goodman who is going to have to start giving lesson with  on starts as he last few of set him up for a good race, this time he got the course which is always helpful.

Mike on the other hand must have been so focused on not hitting the number 8 buoy at the start he gave himself a lot to-do to get in with a chance of winning.

But as a true champion he did not stop and was knocking of seconds and places each lap.

Bob was stretching his lead all the way until the end when a bad luck gust missed him and allowed everyone else to chat him up right at the end.  Andy Holding on for 3rd place.


Well done all.

Overall Results ended with the same names but in a different order

1st Duncan Adams   PHANTOM
2nd Mike Prichard   LASER
3rd Ray Kemish   ROOSTER 8.1                    

We have the Autumn Cup Starting this Sunday at 13:45

Race 1 & 2 back-to-back  

Race 1 1.45pm; Race 2 B2B starts asap after Race 1; Race 3 if applicable 4.00pm

6 from 10 races to count 


We are also starting a rule 42 education programme which is going to be very interesting. Talk to me or Mike P About it.