Autumn cups kicks off with a Kelly Double

Autumn cups kicks off 


7 boats where at the start of the autumn Cup with a nice breeze coming down the lake Kev (I don’t check the results) Milton set the course with a beat as long as his arm.  

The forecast did not seem to play out the way it went so what you saw was what you got.  

The Autumn cup format is different from normal. Race 1 and 2 back to back and race 3 while there is still light is, later on, so you can turn and get 2 races in and be home in time for your Sunday dinner… you should try it.. The racing that is and the Sunday dinner. That’s always good. 


The day Belong to Paul Kelly within his solo.. Was it his new board? Or has he now found the go button in his go slow? Let’s hope so.  

Paul took Race 1 buy a clear 17 second on corrected from Duncan., just shows how close it was all the top 4 finished within a minute on correct. Solo, Phantom, Gull Solo….  


Race 2  

Paul is now up to speed.. There is nothing stopping him now… head down dig in and away he goes… this time by winning by 52 seconds over Mike P who makes his only appearance in the top  


Race 3 

Could Paul make is 3 in a row, A hat trick sadly not. Roger. Who also put in a set of fine consistent results getting himself the last bullet of the day making his tally 3,3,1 well done Sir!  


Seems like the go-to boats at asc will soon be the solo and gull…. depending on your age that is..  


Well done to all, well done to Paul K for 2 wins, Roger for 1 win… ood for the correct call and making us to the 3 races…  


Until next Sunday. Take care be good…  

And … can the last one out please turn off the light… 


Happy Sailing