Wednesday 3.3

Its was all about Ray?!

You can defiantly see the signs of Autumn. well, it might have been the rain clouds but it was Darker when we finished last Wednesday, which reminds me please keep an eye out for the shift in start times partway thought this series.

There was a few questions on the lips of the members as we started to rig on Wednesday. Would the win on Sunday spring Malcolm D into winning confidence, Would Bobs 2nd Place give him a boost to want that win, Would Roger Sneek a Bullet in the Gull, would Paul or Peter in there Goslow (Solo) get the number one spot, would Mike or Duncan Take the spot….
Well, the Answer was non of the above… as it was all about Ray in his 8.1…

Officer of the Day Kev Last set a loverly course. from one down the lake worth a run across to 3 nice reach up to 2.. you never know how 2 will be… will be nice and let you by or will it drop a cluster of wind from every direction making you pirouette like a ballerina onto f to complete the lap.

1 Ray Kemish ROOSTER 8.1 387
2 Duncan Adams PHANTOM
3 Mike Prichard LASER
3 Kevin Last SUPERNOVA
5 Paul Kelly SOLO