Turbo Series 2 – Was a blast

Turbo Series 2

Sunday was the second round of turbo races, we tweaked it from 6 races down to 5. 3 races break then 2.

With what looked like to be a great wind forecast 8 boats, yes 8 boats.. but have been the new COVID that put them off.. all we can say is you missed out a treat, Brian Davies set to a great course which with the wind flicking around the pond kept everyone on their toes.

As mentioned before, these short races make sure you have the best start you can otherwise you are on the back foot. if you need any tips in starting to be sure to grab me.
Each race was so close on Handicap which makes for great reading should you have time.

a Few Moments of the Day.

Mike P – forgetting how to start well and yet still managed to pull places back.
Duncan (Me) sailing into one of the biggest islands on the pond… got to watch out for those killer whales.
Ray for taking his 8.1 out in a blow and not falling in.
Roger For proving that Gulls can win.
Peter H for proving that a go-slow is some times a go fast
Kev M for nearly getting a win pipped at the post by 2 seconds.
Bob C… Which way did you go bob??
Louis M for near and I mean near staying down all day 😉

Overall it was a great day, shame you missed it, try and make the next one.

Well done all.

Done forget Wednesday series 3 concludes 30th September with an 18:00hrs start.

Check your email for the latest COVID announcement as well.

Can the last one out please turn off the lights?