Shifty Sunday

Its all to play for in the Sunday handicap series with Mike and Duncan swapping places each week, (not that we are competitive) with only 2 races left it was set to go down to the last 2 races.
With lovely sunny day and a nice breeze from the clubhouse the OOD Roger set a great course giving us a bit of everything. But with Mike and Duncan Dragging there heals at the start mike nearly missed the gun… giving himself a lot to do.
While it looked like it was a simple sailing day with the wind was shifting all of over lake giving everyone a chance to change positions or in many cases lose places.

It was a close ran race from start to finish, Duncan struggled to pull away in his phantom which gifted mike aka the comeback kid a win… but did it ?? ahhh no it was not meant to be, Paul Kelly in his solo sailed a great race keeping mike within his PY force taking the Win by over one minute this put mike into second, and the sneaky 8.1 with raymondo in 3rd.. Duncan was in forth… nothing changes at the top of the scoreboard.. but its does all go down to this Sunday race… for the top spot.
Well done to all who sailing Sunday it was not an easy sail.. nice sail but not easy…

Sadly I did not see the second race.. but the results are in for that…