The End Draws near……

Race One – the normal Handicap race. 

This is turning out to be a very interesting series with one point splitting the top two of Mike P and Duncan A, will it go down to the last race of the series for a nail-biting finish? we shall see! 

With the forecast for a nice breeze, Keith and Carol set a great course for the 10 boats who lined up for the start. which a short beat to number 1 it was always going to be a close one, and close it was… Mike got around 1 in first and off he went down to number 4 it was a nice run down which gave everyone time to settle down and get into here own rhythm it was a close race with a few moments of madness, a few got court snoozing and end up sailing hello to the fish or was it the weed’s fault… we will never know. 

Duncan took the 1st place with a lap lead over Mike, which switched their overall results. Ioan Reid was hot the heels of her older sister Jill finishing 4th and 3rd… 


Race Two – Fast and slow

Another course set by K and C, this time taking in more of the pond which gave us more room to stretch out our legs. In the fast feel saw 3 phantoms line up for the first time his season and in the slow was the usable suspects. 

The fast fleet set off with Duncan pulling away from both Kevin and Jon from the start, sadly an altercation between the Jon and the hidden enemy ended jons race early, which just left Duncan and Kevin to sail around.

The Slow Fleet was a little more interesting with Pete H turning out in his solo and putting in an excellent performance from the start line.. Helped by mike taking a swim just after the start which was seen by all those on the balcony at the clubhouse. 

The position changed throughout the race leading to some great battles throughout the fleet. Pete and Mike and Jill and Louis. Roger started to find form in this race as well.


Take home notes… when someone sails passed you faster…. have a look at what they are doing…. 


always learning… 


Happy Sailing 


Last one out please turn off the lights.