Bank Holiday Cup… Turno Series.

Turbo Series 

Sunday saw a new Series have its trail, the idea being something different from the norm of personal handicap, Std Handicap and a pursuit race.

With more than just one 2 race and the races being so short it gives more opportunity for everyone to have a better race than the last one. 

However, it does emphasise the point that a good start is essential for good results and sailing with clear wind and not following the boat in front will pay dividends when done correctly.

ood Keith Adams set the scene early on with a Briefing on the “lawn” or should we say the balcony darlings, 3 – 20 mins races back to back Break for lunch then another 3 x 20 mins races for the last part of the day. and introduction of DSQ on sight, straight to bed without any supper was also issued for anyone breaking rule 42… which seemed to do the trick… 

over the six races, there was as expected some very close racing with 3 different race winners. consistency was key with Duncan Putting in 4 bullets but discarding a 5th and 3rd place showing how vital the starts are. 

The great thing to see was so many Different names coming in the top 3 places which again proved that if you gave a consistent set of results where you where there or thereabouts you would bin in the with a chance of a trophy. 2nd place when to Mike P but it was not plain sailing for Mike he did have to pull it out the bag in the final race to beat Beat Peter Hampshire to secure the silver medal spot. a great set of results secure 3rd place for Peter. 

4th and 5th had a tie on boats but Ray Kemish in his 8.1 rig beat Kev (Mr I dont check the results Milton) for 5th.   

We also have to give a special mention to the race 3 winner Malcolm Davidson and 2nd place Bob C, it been a while since we have seen a comet come in 1st place and does prove that your never to young to win a race… well-done chaps! 

Great to see some new names along with the old, fantastic Effort from Elaine Clifford in her blue laser. for taking part and finish the races. (dont be afraid to pull more kicker on next time) 

We have a few events coming up in September so do hope to see as many of you as possible. (obviously from a social distance)

Thank you for all those who did your duties, a very smooth and enjoyable day. 

From the 16th September Wednesday Series 3 will start at the earlier time of 18.30hrs

Saturday 19th 

Turbo Series + BBQ in the Evening 1st race starts at 17:00hrs followed very soon after by Barbeque (weather permitting) and social at a distance.

Sunday 20th 

Kingfisher cup and Ladies plate – start time is 14:00hrs