Penultimate Spring Series Races in Sunny Weather

Some good racing on Sunday with excellent courses set by Race Officer, Brian Davies. As usual biggest fleet was in the Gold fleet, won by Mike Pritchard from Bob Cuerstemont and Jill Reid, who was celebrating her 18th birthday. The Silver fleet was won by Nick and Ruth Marlow from Nick Colbeck and Iona Reid. Paul Kelly easily won the Bronze fleet race from Josie Adams and Peter Hampshire. Gold fleet overall is now between Paul Jago and Mike Pritchard with Bob Cuerstemont, Ray Kemish and Jill Reid battling for third overall. Andrew Beaumont is already relegated and battle for last two places is between Louis Mok, Kevin Milton, Malcolm Davidson and Roger Day. This is a tough fleet this season.

Kevin Last has won the Silver fleet overall. He will be joined in promotion by Dennis and Janice King and Iona Reid. Five are in contention for promotion from the Bronze fleet – Paul, Kelly, Don Bishop, Duncan Adams, Josie Adams and Peter Hampshire. All down to results on 7th July.

The Fast fleet race was won by Paul Kelly from Nick and Ruth Marlow and Bob Cuerstemont. Overall the top four are all in contention for overall prizes – Kevin Last, Bob Cuerstemont, Kevin Milton and Paul Kelly. The Slow fleet was won by Louis Mok from Malcolm Davidson and Jill Reid. Paul Jago has won overall with a race to spare with Ray Kemish guaranteed second. Third place is between Louis Mok and Malcolm Davidson.