Committee Meeting Minutes

Mnutes from recent committeee meetings are now available in the Member section under Club Minutes, together with the 2017 AGM draft minutes. The club committtee normally meets on the third Monday of the month and minutes are posted once approved at the following meeting. If you want to raise anything or have any questions then […]

Collect your yearbook.

The yearbook will be made available in the clubhouse from March 30th. Collection will save the club a significant postage cost so please try to come and pick up your copy.

Volunteering this Weekend 24/02/18

With the season fast approaching there is still a lot of work to be done to get the changing rooms into a usable condition. Work is also required to continue with the decking and the footings need to be dug in preparation for the ramp allowing us to be a more inclusive club. Please give […]

Claim Your Trailer

Enough trailers to start a museum as many are that old, everything from 1950s to 1990s. Only three have been claimd so far. Thus, if you have a trailer please come down over the next two weekends to claim them and mark them with paint and after that could help with the new clubhouse. In […]