New Blood Enters Cygnet Series

Cygnets Race 7, 2nd September 2017

The second to last Youth Improvers session of the series started peacefully, with the pond glassy like a mirror. Two newbie sailors from the youth course took to the water to try out the race for the first time. Martin drifted in front of everyone else, using his standard Topper sail, and managed to acquire a great advantage over the others. However, as the race commenced, the gap slowly reduced until Jill almost over took him as they reached the finish line. Due to the poor wind, Keith finished the race after one short lap, however, Andrew, one of the new racers, came in third place!

After the short race, Martin and Iona completed their YSS Stage 4 and Thomas worked towards his Stage 3. Then, all spent the rest of the day playing skill-demanding games and challenges, such as how many capsizes can you do in a minute, and running round the back of your boat. Overall, it was a pleasant and enjoyable session.

Race Report by Jill Reid