Youth Improver’s Training Reaches Feva Pitch

Cygnet Series 5th Race 8th July 2017.

Saturday’s race was another great success as all the juniors took part in it; the weather was great not to cold not to hot and not to windy. The course Keith set was good but challenging ; David, Martin, Iona and Thomas had a great start but for Lisa and Jill it wasn’t so good as the wind changed making it even more challenging to get to the first Buoy. During the race, Lisa caught the yellow buoy, dragging it along causing mayhem to the racers behind her but she quickly pulled up her dagger board setting the Buoy free again. On the water David came first , then Martin , followed very closely by Iona, Jill finally got some wind and came across the line in 4th place followed by Thomas and Lisa. Watch for the results to be done to see if things change.

After the race Keith showed the juniors how to set up the Fevas and then they went out for a sail to end the day. While they were doing that Jill ended up taking out a boy for a taster session.

Other juniors on the water but not involved in the race: Colin was out in his dad’s old laser and ending up capsizing on the way in; Ruben enjoyed a nice sail out with his dad in his comet; Rachel was out with her sister and parents in the family GP.

Report By Iona Reid