Wednesday Racing – Another Thank you.

Thank you for those who stepped into fill the gaps in the Duties. 

What a race, with a fruity wind blowing a course, was set to test the sailors, beats galore with a few twists and turns. 

The start was laid near the big island on the right of the lake, and the sailors shot off to number 5 which looks rather shift at the top. 

Rob Corner took and early lead from the fleet and started to pull away from the pack, a course which clearly favoured the lasers as Jon and Ray kept with the Supernova all the way round. 

Rob’s lead was slowly closed down by the Laser of Jon and Kev M in his phantom, a regular face at the front Kev last but has been court tieing his show laced as he was near the rear quarter of the fleet, which took his time to get his speed. 

Jon finally got past Rob with he and Kev pulling away.

Special mention to Janice who did an amazing back flip while missing the toestrap, which caused great amazement on the Committee boat. 

Well done to all who sailed and stepped in. 

We out our first pursuit race this weekend, until then Take care