Comet Open

The fleet got away in a stiff breeze with just the one boat over the line at the gun. Chris Hatton was first to the windward mark and soon pulled out a strong lead from Eddie Pope and Bob Dodds. Chris held onto the lead but Bob passed Eddie before the end of the first lap. The first Attenborough boat didn’t pass through the gate until Jill Reid, a junior sailing a borrowed boat, coming through in seventh place. The first two were never challenged but Eddie Pope lost a further place to John Coppenhall on lap two. However, Eddie fought back and regained third place on the fifth and last lap.

The wind increased a little for race two but the fleet got away to a clean start. This time Bob Dodds was first to complete the first lap with Chris Robinson second and Chris Hatton in third. Saul Tendler and Roger Chilvers both local sailors capsized at the end of the first run and there boats became entangled such that both sailors called it a day and sailed back to the clubhouse. By the end of the second lap Chris Hatton had gained the lead and stayed there to the end. Bob Dodds slipped to fifth place by the end of lap four but then gained two places to finish third. Chris Robinson finished second after a minor slip to third at the end of lap two which didn’t last long until be was back into second place.

Race three saw just fourteen starters and once again they all behaved and got away to a first time start. By this time a pattern had emerged and the usual suspects were once again at the front of the fleet. Chris Hatton was in the lead and stayed that way although tactics came into play when approaching the leeward mark on the penultimate lap to get an inside position at the buoy from Bob Dodds. The attack was defended and they finished 1 and 2 respectively. Chris Robinson had been in a solid fifth place until the final lap when he passed Paul Jago and John Coppenhall to finish third.

Roger Day OOD



Overall Results:

Pos Helm Sail No Club R1 R2 R3 Pts Region
1 Chris Hatton 48 Seven SC 1 1 1 2  
2 Bob Dodds 869 CMYC 2 3 2 4  
3 Chris Robinson 867 Burghfield SC 5 2 3 5  
4 Eddie Pope 804 Ogston SC 3 4 4 7  
5 John Coppenhall 532 Hunts SC 4 7 5 9  
6 Paul Jago 599 Attenborough SC 7 5 6 11  
7 Tricia Peacock 885 Arden SC 6 6 9 12  
8 Jill Reid 441 Attenborough SC 10 8 7 15  
9 Rhiain Bevan 724 Cransley SC 8 9 8 16  
10 Malcolm Davidson 856 Attenborough SC 9 11 10 19  
11 Andrew Beaumont 556 Attenborough SC 14 10 12 22  
12 Bob Ceurstemont 648 Attenborough SC 13 12 11 23  
13 Paul Smith 627 Attenborough SC 11 13 DNF 24  
14 Elizabeth Dauncey 607 Tamworth SC 12 DNC 13 25  
15 Catherine Applegate 249 Attenborough SC 17 14 DNC 31  
16 Roger Chilvers 488 Attenborough SC 15 DNF DNC 33  
17 Saul Tendler 807 Attenborough SC 16 DNF DNC 34