Charity Handicap Race 20th September 14:00

19 boats took to the water for this event and donated a combined sum of £145. An addition £18.10 was given in donations for cake cooked by Jill and Iona Reid

The following thanks has been sent on behalf of the Eric Twiname Trust; “This is wonderful news! On behalf of the trustees our thanks to all the club members who have so generously contributed to the Trust by participating in the Charity Handicap race last Sunday. A further thank you, too, to Jill and Iona Reid for also encouraging further donations to be made via their cake making.

We really do appreciate your efforts, Roger (Ed – this should read “to all who donated”), and are most grateful to you personally for arranging to support the Trust in this way.

Kind regards, Bruce, Bruce Aitken, Secretary, The Eric Twiname Trust