Micro Magic Challenge

Thanks to Nottingham Model Boat Club (NMBC) the 2015 Micro Magic Challenge was held at our club on Sunday 31st May.

ASC members were not very early arriving which limited their opportunity to get some practice which may have influenced the final outcome.

Two races were held with three boats in each team around a set of four buoys with two laps being completed by most of the competitors. The NMBC members generally sailed their own boats but ASC members used different boats.

Our first race team was Paul Smith, Mike Pritchard and Roger Day coming in 6th, 3rd and 5th respectively. In the second race Paul handed over to Amanda Smith and the results were Roger 1st, Mike 2nd and Amanda DNF. We were saved a large defeat by one of the NMBC members also scoring a DNF in the windy conditions which may going to windward very difficult in these small lightweight boats as they tended to go sideways.