Race Reports

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RYA Announce 2016 PY Handicaps

The RYA have announced the new PY handicaps for use in racing in 2016. The numbers for classes sailed at Attenborough can be found by clicking here. I am pleased to say we were one of 150 clubs in UK that supplied data to the RYA via their web portal that allows better statistical analysis. A few surprises in the list but overall most changes are minor. Laser and Supernova increase PY by four which is surprising as I think Supernovas should have a much lower handicap. Biggest loser when also considering changes over last few years is the RS300 whose PY is down 6 to 979. Mos classes at ASC have stayed unchaned. These new PYs will be used from 6th march.

Mike Pritchard - 5th March 2016.

November Pursuit Race Times

Start times for all boats and helms can be found by clicking here.

Mike Pritchard - 1st November.

Northern Tripartite

Swarkestone SC hosted this years Northern Tripartite race series.

Five ASC members took their boats along, Keith Brereton and Kevin Milton with their Phantoms, Roger Day and Kevin Last with Supernova and Paul Jago took his Streaker.

The wind was blowing from the south west which is the worse direction for the lake at Swakeston as it blocked by a large bank and trees. This causes the wind to gust down the back of the bank and through the gaps in the trees. The course saw a close reach start and far from ideal beat along the length of the lake followed by a very broad reach back again.

Race 1 saw Tim Hand get well away from the fleet and was never challenged. Roger Day started in fifth but managed to climb through the fleet helped in part by other boats capsizing, to cross the finish line second but beaten by John Hainsworth (Laser)of Swarkeston and Paul Jago on handicap.

Race 2 and the wind had increased if anything such that most of us were overpowered and there were a significant number of capsizes. One having a large impact on the ASC challenge. Keith Brereton broke his mast giving him a DNF and of corse a DNC in race 3. Tim Hand once again got awayand the ASC boats did not have such a successful race. Paul was 4th, Roger 8th, Kevin Last 9th and Kev Milton 10th.

With no chance of winning the reamining four ASC boats took to the water. The OOD took pity on the crews and limited the race to a maximum of three laps. Kevin Last made an error and tried to sail over a sucken island and Kevin Milton went for a swim. The handicap results thus saw Paul in 6th, Roger in 9th, Kevin Last 10th and Kevin Milton 12th. Tim Hand once again took line and handicap honours.

So with 188 points we came last. But with 27 boats on the water Paul was 4th overall, Roger 6th and first senior, Kevin Last 9th and Kevin Milton 10th. Understandable Kevin Brereton was equal 25th. An enjoyable but tiring day


On Saturday the 13th June, 14 members of Attenborough Sailing Club, Girl Guiding and Scouting came to Attenborough Sailing Club to participate in the ASC Scout / Guide Regatta. Although it was raining and there wasn't a lot of wind, all of the competitors went home with a smile on their face. In the morning, there was race coaching that was organized by the ASC Training Principal Keith Brereton and the Scouting and Guiding Leaders. The sailors were taught about efficient Race Starting, Turning, and the basic Rules of Sailing. Then, in the afternoon, the race officer of the day, Brian Dennis, chose a course consisting of 4 buoys which was close to land as that was where the most wind was on the lake. The club safety boats were manned by Kevin Last and Michael Motteram and Colwick Park Lifeguards providing extra safety. Everyone was sustained through the wet by regular refreshments prepared by a small group of Girl Guiding leaders.

The event raised money for 3 charities; The Eric Twiname Trust, ShelterBox and the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. In addition to the money raised on the day, MERCK Millipore donated £250 and £180 was raised online. 2nd Bramcote Beavers raised £90.62, 2nd Chilwell Scouts raised £40, 1st Gedling Scouts raised £30 and 2nd Chilwell Cubs raised £5. For raising the most money, 2nd Bramcote Beavers win a free afternoon of sailing at Attenborough Sailing Club. In total over £900 was raised for the charities, this will be divided up equally between the charities.

At the end of the day, there was a prize giving ceremony.

Single-handed dinghies: 1st W.Thomas, 2nd A.Barton, 3rdM. Atkinson

Double-handed dinghies:1st J.Reid/J.Shreeve, 2nd H.Lewis/B Lewis, 3rd M.Derrick/K.Tew

Commodore's Cup:D. Motteram

Best Sportsman Cup: T. Ireland

Best Novice Cup: S. Kimber

ShelterBox trophy: R. Lewis

The Eric Twiname Trust trophy: S. Daykin

The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust trophy: I. Reid

I would like to say a big thank-you to all of the sponsors and to everyone who donated money, food and time as without them this race would not have been a success. Charlie Fogg's shop generously engraved the trophy metal plates for free. Yachts & Yachting, Local Magazines Ltd and the University Of Nottingham MEU helped publicize the event. Each competitor received a free competitors pack which was donated by sponsors including Allen Brothers, Gill, Marlow Ropes, Crewsaver, RYA Green Blue, Clamcleat and MERCK Millipore. McDonald's(Chilwell Retail Park), The Co-operative Food and the Chilwell MOT Centre contributed to the food on the day. Professional photographers Mark Storey and Dale Russell attended the event in the afternoon and took many fabulous photos of the competitors. I would also like to say thank you to the Attenborough Sailing Club for allowing the event to be held at their club and for the use of the club facilities and to all the other people and companies who helped make this event a success.

Thank you

Jill Reid

Comet Open Meeting

19 boats representing 9 clubs took to the water in light shifting winds. The first race was a triangle, sausage set using the centre of the lake to avoid dead areas close to the bank. The fleet got away cleanly and it was not long before the leaders started to pull away from the bulk of the fleet. Ian Coppenhall from Hunts SC was soon at the front and stayed there throughout the three lap race. Eddie Pope from Ogston SC stayed close for the first two laps but during lap 3 slipped to third whilst Mark Coppenhall from Seven SC gradually made his way from fourth at the end of lap one to second place at the end.

For race 2 the wind had filled in and the OOD used more of the lake. Two boats, including Ian Coppenhall misjudged the start and were over and had to return. This allowed Eddie Pope to gain a significant lead which was never challenged. Ian managed to come through the fleet to take second place by the end of lap one and stayed there to the end. Paul Jago from the local club came through in third place.

Race three started in winds of approximately 6 to 8 mph. The fleet got away cleanly with everyone taking a cautious approach to the line but soon Ian Coppenhall and Eddie Pope pulled away and had a race of their own with each of them covering the other at some stage throughout the race. Further back Henry Jaggers from Beer SC pulled clear to maintain third place throughout the race. Further down the pack positions frequently changed as the wind faded towards the end of the race.

Micro Magic Challenge

Thanks to Nottingham Model Boat Club (NMBC) the 2015 Micro Magic Challenge was held at our club on Sunday 31st May.

ASC members were not very early arriving which limited their opportunity to get some practice which may have influenced the final outcome.

Two races were held with three boats in each team around a set of four buoys with two laps being completed by most of the competitors. The NMBC members generally sailed their own boats but ASC members used different boats.

Our first race team was Paul Smith, Mike Pritchard and Roger Day coming in 6th, 3rd and 5th respectively. In the second race Paul handed over to Amanda Smith and the results were Roger 1st, Mike 2nd and Amanda DNF. We were saved a large defeat by one of the NMBC members also scoring a DNF in the windy conditions which may going to windward very difficult in these small lightweight boats as they tended to go sideways.

May Bank Holiday Turbo Racing

Just 12 boats took to the water for the Bank Holiday turbo racing in what hasbecome the normal westerly blustery wind conditions.

The format was to have four short races during the afternoon with a further four later in the year. As it turned out it was decided to limit the races to just two short laps which in the first race took th elead boats just over 20 miinutes with the back markers coming in almost 10 minutes later. The second race was held back to back before a short interval followed by two further races back to back. With only 7 boats completing the last race times between 18 and 24 minutes.

Each race was administered (OOD) by one of the lead entrants with them being given an average score for the race which they oversaw.

Provisonal results are on the normal results page

May Pursuit

14 boats took to the water for the Bank Holiday pursuit race in blustery conditions.

The OOD, Kevin Last, set a course taking in the whole lake and was enjoyed by all as the wind gusted and the sun shone. Race results now published

Roger Day - 4 May

Trent Tripartite - 26th April

A lovely sunny day welcomed the 28 competitors to the Attenborough hosted inter-club competition between us, Nottingham and Trent Valley Sailing Clubs. The wind was very variable causing problems to course setting for Race Officer, Bob Ceurstemont. The first race sawa 'beat' to no 4 mark. Mike Pritchard started to leeward of the fleet and ended up at the first mark in the lead, which he held to the end of the race, taking line and handicap honours. The positions in the rest of the fleet oscillated as the wind and dropped all over the pond. Paul Jago eventually came second on handicap from Roger Poat and Michael Brookman in an Albacore, sadly one of only three two-handed boats in the whole fleet.

After an excellent lunch we had effectively two back to back races. Mike Pritchard led again but was eventually overtaken by Albacores and Lasers. The race was won on the water by Chris Abbott of Nottingham in his new RS Aero 9, but he ended up third on handicap behind Paul Jago and James Dalby of Trent Valley. After two races, Paul led overall from Mike Pritchard and Alley Britton of Trent Valley.

The third race started in slightly stronger winds. Chris Abbott of Nottingham took and early lead holding it to the end. On the water he was joined in the top four by other Nottingham boats,Martin Hewitt in an Aero and the Albacores of Steve Bailey and Chris Poat. Chris won on handicap from MIke Pritchard and Paul Jago in his Streaker, only 18 seconds covered teh top three on corrected times.

A second place for Mike Pritchard meant he tied for first overall with Paul Jago on 3 points, with Chris Abbott of Nottingham third on 4 points and James Dalby of Trent Valley fourth on 7 points. To celebrate 60 years as a club, Nottingham Sailing Club kindly presented a sliver plate to the overall winner, winners in this case.

Overall, in the club competition, all three clubs won a race, Attenborough, Trent valley and the final race by Nottingham. However, thanks to more consistency and strong performance ofd Mike and Paul, Attenborough won the club competition on 110 points, from Nottingham on 135 and Trent Valley on 150. Other ASC competitors contributing to team score where Kevin Last, Kevin Milton, Ron Corner, Ray Kemish and Malcolm Davidson. The 2016 event will be hosted by Trent Valley on 24th April

Finally thanks to all the Attenborough members who helped run the event on the water and ashore, Bob and Ann Ceurstemont, BGillian Day, Brian Dennis, Linda Kay, Michael Motteram, Derek Harbour and Paul and Amanda Smith.

Click here for full results


Gold and Silver Fleets for 2015

Congratulations to those promoted from last year and the gold and silver fleets for 2015 can be found by clicking here. Apart from the ten in each fleet, all others will race in the bronze fleet. Before anyone complains, Jon?, the fleets are based on overall series results and to to get promoted or even stay in a fleet you will normally have to sail enough qualifying races, i.e. no did not compete in overall score. As such positions are based on ability plus how often you turn up. As for last season, at end of the series the bottom three in gold and silver will be relegated with top three in silver and bronze fleets, promoted.

Mike Pritchard - 10th April 2015.

November pursuit race time again.

Start times for all boats and helms can be found by clicking here.

Mike Pritchard - 1st November 2014.

Bank Holiday cup - 25th May

16 boats took to the water in the first race in warm sunshine and blustery winds. The fllet got away cleanly and Jon Adams was soon getting away from the fleet in his RS300 but new member Paul Jago was sailing his Streaker well and on handicap was well in front taking first place. In the second race Kevin Milton who had manned the safety boat in the first race took to the water. Jon Adams didn't get too good a start and resulted in these two dicing together for most of the race. The gap to the Streaker was much bigger this time but onhanicap still took the win.

There were a number of capsizes in the gusty and shifty winds and in the middle ranks there was some close racing.

May pursuit race time again.

Start times for all boats and helms can be found by clicking here.

Mike Pritchard - 2nd May 2014.

RYA Announce 2014 PY Handicaps

The RYA have announced the new PY handicaps for use in racing in 2014. The numbers for classes sailed at Attenborough can be found by clicking here. I am pleased to say we were one of 120 clubs in UK that supplied data to the RYA via their web portal that allows better statistical analysis. A few surprises in the lis but overall most changes are minor. Laser and Supernova increase PY by one which is surprising as I think Supernovas should have a much lower handicap; Comet increases by 5, Vision by 20 but Kestrel drops by 15. Biggest loser when also considering changes over last few years is the Phantom whose PY is down 10 to 1002. Given some of our best sailors race Phantoms then new handicap seems too low especially againsta Supernova. In recent races Supernovas have almost being racing boat to boat with Phantoms yet to win on handicap a Phantom has to beat a Supernova by over 4 minutes in a 60 minute race so I think the Phantom has moved from being a PY bandit to heavily penalised. Overall, the class to have in 2014 at Attenborough is a Supernova and one would expect them to win almost all races this year.

Mike Pritchard - 28th February 2014.

Cold Turkey Handicap

Ten boats took to the wateron a sunny lightwind morning in the Cold Turkey Handicap The OOD, Roger Day, decided on a start from the bank which resulted in a very broad reach start but everyone got away first time. Mike Pritchard had taken his time to gethis boatready to the point of getting on the water after the first boat had reached the first mark!

The fleet soon became spread out arond the lake and the race became a procession although Mike did manage to carve way pasta few of the slower boats.

The final results were;

1 Duncan Adams Supernova
2 Kevin Last Supernova
3 Keith Brereton Phantom
4 Andrew Beaumont Comet
5 Paul Kelly Supernova
6 Mike Pritchard Laser
7 Kevin Milton Phantom
8 Rob Corner Supernova
9 Nick Colbeck Mirror (s/h)
10 Saul @ Reuben Tendler Graduate

Supernova Training 26th October


Five visitors came to the club to join six of our own Supernova sailors to take advantage of a training session put on by Duncan Adams.

After a short briefing the boats were launched and were quickly into a figure of eight to undertake some tacking practice followed by the obvious, gybing. This progressed to the stage where all the boats were circling Duncan sho was in a powerboat giving advice. The second hour was spent getting some starting practice before a short debrief and a lunch of soup and rolls kindly provided by Josie Adams

In the afternoon three races were run in gusty conditons. In race 1 Jon Adams (no relation to Duncan although he was sailing Duncans 2 day old boat)and Paul kelly both of ASC were well out in front only to be hit buy a significant gust which knocked them both over. This allowed Bob Ceurstemont who was the only boat not to capsize in race 1 to sail past and take line honours.

Race 2 again saw strong gusty conditions and the fleet was down to 10 at the start. Again Jon Adams took to the lead but this time stayed upright and took the honours.

Going into the third and last race any one of four different sailors could take first place. Just 9 boats were on the start line. Paul Kelly this time took the lead and although Jon Adams was last around the first mark by a fair distance after falling out of his boat he powered through the fleet to finish second.

Gill had kindly donated some rather grand prizes with Paul Kelly taking first and a new spray top, Jon Adams second and a new bouyancy aid, Bob Ceurstemont took third and a new sailing knife. All three were home club sailors.

Hopefully everyone learnt someting which will make them go faster in the future and we can welcome more Supernova sailors from around the region to join in a similar event in the future.

Thanks to Duncan Adamsfor giving up his time and to Gill for donating some great prizes, for Josie Adams for catering, Roger and Gill Day for Safety Boat crew and Mike Prichard for being Race Officer

I hope to see you on the water,

Roger Day


2013 Personal Handicaps

The 2013 personal handicaps have now been calculated. These handicaps will be used for future pursuit races and more importantly for the 2013 Summer Personal Handicap Race Series. The numbers can be found by clicking here. The table list helm names, class of boat sailed, RYA PY Handicap and the ASC Personal Handicap for you. If you descide to race a boat not on the list then you will need to use the RYA PY.

Mike Pritchard - 21st July 2013.

Snowdrop Series 3

The Snowdrop Series final ended as we approach the end of April.

The series was held under mainly poor weather with three races not taking place due to strong winds; bitterly cold weather also deterred many in the early races which drove me to wear a wetsuit, hat and gloves. The final two races of the series were held on 21st April and saw 22 boats come to the start line. The series had already been won by Mike Pritchard and battle was for second place with Roger Day and Kevin Milton tied. As Roger was Officer of the Day, Kevin had to be in top two in one race to beat Roger when his OOD average kicked in. The excellent wind and two good courses meant some close and exciting racing especially when the gusts as usual only appeared at the gybe mark.

The first race was won by Paul Warren from Jon Adams who is really getting to know his RS300. Nick Marlow came third, a second ahead of Mike Pritchard. In the second race, Nick Marlow returned to his I like to sail in clear air form and quickly gained an unassailable lead. The rest of the fleet had some close racing with Kevin Last eventually passing Mike Pritchard to take second place by 5 seconds, with Mike third. Nick Marlow's win meant he took third place overall with Roger Day taking second place.

Mike Pritchard


1stMike Pritchard,Laser,4pts
2ndRoger Day,Phantom,10.7pts
3rdNick & Ruth Marlow,Lark,11pts
4th equalKevin Last,Supernova,13pts
4thKevin Milton,Phantom,13pts
6thJosie Adams,Comet,22pts

Click here for full results

2012 Prize Winners

Following another successful racing season, the Annual prize Giving will take place as part of the Laying Up Supper to be held on Friday 23rd Novemeber. For a list of individual prize winners by individual name click here. Hopefully the prize winners will be able to attend the prize giving.

Special prizes will also be given out on the night - Most Improved, Flying Centreboard, for best capsize(s), and the Endeavour Trophy for the member who has shown great commitment during the season.

Mike Pritchard - 18th November 2012.

October Pursuit Race Timings

Pursuit race time again. Start times for all boats and helms can be found by clicking here.

Mike Pritchard - 22nd October 2012.

Northern Tripartite Washed Out but becomes a Club Mini-Regatta


Eleven boats from Attenborough made the short trip to Swarkestone for the annual Norhern Tripartite (inter-club competition). Having rigged the boats, Swarkestone officials were concerned about the rapidly rising local river that was starting to engulf the local access road (see photo right). Given the potential that people would be stranded it was agreed to postpone the event to later in the year and hopefully a few more Attenborough sailors can make the new date.


As water levels at Attenborough were still sailable it was decided to head back home and hold an impromptu mini-regatta. Thanks to Mark Last for running what turned out to be an interesting series of three 40 minute races with weather that alternated between sun and black clouds (see right with sun kissed boats with dark coulds behind). The wind direction and speed fluctuated throughout and the third race encompassed a torrential shower with zero visibility and strong winds that even resulted in Kevin Milton capsizing. There was close racing with the event eventually won jointly by Kevin Milton and Mike Pritchard with Andrew Beaumont a close third.


1st equalKevin Milton,Phantom,3pts
1st equalMike Pritchard,Laser,3pts
3rdAndrew Beaumont,Comet,5pts
4thNick Turnbull-Ross,Laser,8pts
5thKeith Adams and James Johnson,Kestrel,9pts
6thRay Kemish,Laser,11pts

Click here for full results

Mike Pritchard - 8th July 2012

2012 Personal Handicaps

The 2012 personal handicaps have now been calculated based on all race resuts from 4th March to 27th June inclusive. These handicaps will be used for future pursuit races and more importantly for the 2012 Summer Personal Handicap Race Series. The numbers can be found by clicking here. The table list helm names, class of boat sailed, RYA PY Handicap and the ASC Personal Handicap for you. If you descide to race a boat not on the list then you will need to use the RYA PY.

Mike Pritchard - 30th June 2012.

2011 Race Participation

As someone had deleted it, I have reposted the report I produced on race participation in 2011 which can be found by clicking here.

Mike Pritchard - 5th May 2012.

2011 Prize Winners

Following another successful racing season, the Annual prize Giving will take place as part of the Laying Up Supper to be held on Saturday 3rd December. For a list of winners by race series click here. For a list of individual prize winners by individual name click here. Hopefully the prize winners will be able to attend the prize giving.

Special prizes will also be given out on the night - Most Improved, Flying Centreboard, for best capsize, and the Endeavour Trophy for the member who has shown great commitment during the season.

Mike Pritchard - 19th November 2011.

Wednesday Series 3

The final Wednesday night race was held on 28th September on a glorious Saptember evening with sixteen boats sailing with a golden setting sun as the backdrop. Going into the final race anyone of three boats could win overall after the four previous races.

OOD Mike Pritchard set a simple upwind/downwind course. First away at the start as Nick Marlow and John Shepherd who went on to lead on the water for all the four laps. Kevin Milton in his Phantom and Andrea Murphy in her Laser battled for second place with Keith Brereton moving quickly through the fleet after a poor start. Second place in the race meant Kevin Milton tied for first place overall with Mike Pritchard, whilst a first place was sufficient for Nick Marlow to displace Keith Brereton for third overall. After five races the top four overall were covered by only 1.5 points.


1st equalKevin Milton,Phantom,6pts
1st equalMike Pritchard,Laser,6pts
3rdNick Marlow & John Shepherd,Lark,7pts
4thKeith Brereton,Phantom,7.5pts
5thRoger Day,Phantom,12pts

Click here for full results

Kingfisher Cup and Ladies Plate Report

A big squall before the race start caused a number of capsizes, resulting in a number of boats returning to shore rather than race. However, soon after the start the wind dropped to a moderate breeze. The early lead was held by Bob Ceurstemont and Kevin Last in their Supernovas from the Phantoms of Roger Day and Keith Brereton, closely followed by the Fireball of Paul Mellows and Mick Adams. The Fireball lost ground at the first leeward mark due to a tangled spinnaker.

A capsize cost Roger Day valuable ground leaving Keith Brereton and the two Supernovas at the front of the fleet. A strong last lap led Kevin Last to the front of the fleet. After an 85 minute race, Bob and Keith ties frof second place. Special mention to Derek Harbour who finished the race with a broken traveller and sore arms

The depleted Ladies Plate fleet was won by Vicky Ellis despite losing her mainsheet half way up the final beat.


Kingfisher Cup
1st Kevin Last, Supernova
2nd equal Keith Brereton, Phantom
2nd equal Bob Ceurstemont, Supernova
4th Brian Dennis, Miracle
5th Paul Kelly, Rooster 8.1
Click here for full results

Ladies Plate
1st Vicky Ellis, Topper
2nd Josie Adams, Comet
Click here for full results

Summer Series Report

Race 1 - Gold, Silver and Bronze.
The gold fleet was dominated by Nick and Ruth Marlow who won four of the five races they sailed. Second place went to Mike Pritchard closely followed by Kevin Milton. In the silver fleet there were a variety of race winners and with one race to go the overall prize was still up for grabs between Bob Ceurstemont, Brian Dennis and Josie Adams. After a shifty wind final race the overall positions were Bob, Brian and Josie. In the bronze fleet, Mark Hopkin to an early overall lead and maintained it to the end winning the series. the other places were undecided until the last race. A winning performance in the last race by Rob Underwood and Steve Boon meant they took second overall from Paul Smith in his Mirror, who displaced Ethan Shepherd in his Optimist who didn't enter the last race due to recovering from his excellent performance at the Barnt Green Optimist Open Meeting.

Gold Fleet
1st Nick Marlow & Ruth Marlow, Lark 6.0pts
2nd Mike Pritchard, Laser 7.5pts
3rd Kevin Milton, Phantom 8.8pts

Silver Fleet
1st Bob Ceurstemont, Supernova 16.0pts
2nd Brian Dennis, Miracle 18.0pts
3rd Josie Adams, Comet 19.0pts

Click here for full Summer Series Gold and Silver results

Bronze Fleet
1st Mark Hopkin, RS Vareo 16.3pts
2nd Rob Underwood and Steve Boon, Wanderer 22.0pts
3rd Paul Smith, Mirror 45pts

Click here for full Summer Series Bronze results

As in Race 1, Race 2 for the combined fleet and the General Tropy, was dominated by Nick and Ruth Marlow in their Lark who four of the five races sailed in between National and Inland Championships. The battle for second and third place quickly became a three way tussle between Mike Pritchard, Kevin Milton and Keith Brereton. The absence of the latter two on holiday for the last race meant that a win for Mike Pritchard resulted in him taking second place from Keith who is now starting to get to know his new Phantom. Notable performances in the last race were by Brendan McGrath in his Laser and Julie Warren in her RS200 who showed husband Paul Warren how they should be sailed.

1st Nick Marlow & Ruth Marlow, Lark 8.0pts
2nd Mike Pritchard, Laser 10.0pts
3rd Keith Brereton, Phantom 13.8pts

Click here for full Summer Series General results

Team Racing 21st August

Four teams took part in the annual team racing competition, held on Sunday 21st August. Team captains, Paul Warren, Mike Pritchard, Keith Adams and Kevin Milton each led a team of four, with each team being a mixture of sailing ability which is what makes this such a great event. Each team sailed the other twice in a round robin event, which meant 12 races were sailed during the day in moderate winds under a clear blue sky. This was quite an achievement as racing finished at 16:30hrs even allowing for a 90 minute break whilst the club BBQ worked it's wonders.

The winning team this year was the Paul Warren, Vicky Ellis, Nick Turnbull-Ross and Matt Fordham who won all of their six races so a great achievement. indeed Paul enjoyed himself so much he suggests we have more of these events next year. Everyone who takes part enjoys it but many seem wary. In reality although the racing is competitive it is fun and is also a good way to get to know other members. For the newer sailor, crewing is also a good way to gain experience. Finally, it is a good way to get to know the rules and the photo of Keith Adams and Freya Corner below is highly unusual in it was one of the are occasions they weren't demonstrating their close quarters rule enforcement.

Mike Pritchard

Wednesday Night Miracle

Maybe he was rested after a weekend off from racing running the Tripartite, but in difficult wind conditions there was a brilliant performance by Brian Dennis in his Miracle 337, who came third overall out of 25 boats in another large fleet for Attenborough. Another notable result was 5th place for Mike Leach in his Comet. We won't mention who came first and second, although only 13 seconds between them on handicap, but if Brian had only gone 73 seconds faster victory was his.

Click here for latest Wednesday Series 2 results

Northern Tripartite

52 boats took part in the biggest ever northern tripartite event with 33 visiting boats - Sutton-in-Ashfield brought an impressive 16 boats, Swarkestone 11, Girton 6 with Attenborough having 19 entries and hopefully our treasurer will be happy with the bar takings. The event was held in light southerly winds under a baking sky with many a sailor sporting red bodies afterwards.

After a few poor years Attenborough won the club trophy with 71 points from Sutton-in-Ashfield on 166 and Swarkestone on 175 and in each race Attenbourgh had their five qualifying boats in the top 10 so quite an achievement.

The individual event was won jointly by Tim Hand and Caz Scott of Sutton and Duncan and Zelia Adams from Attenboroug with Alan Bishop of Girton Third and John Hainsworth of Swarkestone 4th; equal 5th were Roger Day, Kevin Milton and Mike Pritchard.

Thanks to Brian Dennis for being OOD setting good start lines and courses. Thanks also to all the other people who made this happen, Malcolm, Julie, Gillian, Louise, James, Olivia, Derek, Linda, Don, Paul, Roger, Mike, Brendan. a large number of photos were taken by Olivia Rust and Don Bishop and these should appear on the web site in next few days.

Click here for full Tripartite results

Wednesday Series 1 - 0.5 Points Cover First Three Overall

Following the four way tie in the Snowdrop Series, Wednesday Series 1 ended up almost as close. Competition at the front of the fleet is increasing with new helms, boats and sails appearing.

Wednesday night racing as been popular over the last few years and this season has been no different. The first series of the year so 47 entries over the ten race series with an average of 20 starters per race.

Early series leaders where the two crewed Lark and RS200 of Nick Marlow and Paul Warren respectively. However after seven races it was the single handers in the lead with Kevin Milton in his Phantom 0.5pts behind Mike Pritchard in his Laser. Mike missed the next two races but Nick and Kevin failed to gain an overall lead due to the excellent performance of Duncan Adams and Zelia Bradley who won the two races in their Kestrel. So with one race to go Mike was still 0.5pts ahead of Kevin and 1.4pts ahead of Nick Marlow. The overall result therefore depended upon the last race with any three able to win.

A delayed flight meant a jet-lagged Mike arrived back at the club from Beijing with 30 minutes to go to the start. The early race lead and effect overall series lead was taken by the Lark of Nick Marlow and John Shepherd, with Mike in 4th place and Kevin Milton well back in the 26 strong fleet after a poor start. However, the in-form Kestrel with Duncan and Zelia slowly over-hauled the Lark whilst Mike moved into third position. An impressive third lap saw the Kestrel take the overall lead which she extended by the finish to complete a hat-trick of Wednesday night wins and it was only due to the Kestrel entering only five races that she did not win overall.

Nick and John finished in second place, ten seconds ahead of Mike Pritchard on corrected time. However, third place was enough for Mike to take the series overall from Nick and Kev Milton by 0.4pts and 0.5pts respectively.

Overall results were:

1st Mike Pritchard, Laser 11.0pts
2nd Nick Marlow & John Shepherd, Lark 11.4pts
3rd Kevin Milton, Phantom 11.5pts
4th Paul Warren & Will Taylor & Vicky Ellis, RS200 24.6pts
5th Roger Day, Phantom 27.0pts
6th Kevin Last, Supernova 27.6pts
7th Keith Brereton, Phantom 28.0pts

Click here for full Wednesday Series 1 results

Frostbite Series

The 2010 Frostbite series came to a frozen end with the last three weekends of racing cancelled due to cold weather and a pond that eventually ended up totally frozen over. This meant the race series results were based on the first three weekends. Frostbite 1 was won as for last year by Kevin Milton who seems to perform better in the colder weather. Paul and Julie Warren sailed well in their new RS200 and this seems a formidabale combination for next season. Overall results were:

1st Kevin Milton 3.0pts
2nd equal Paul and Julie Warren 5.0pts
2nd equal Mike Pritchard 5.0pts
4th Ray Kemish 6.0pts
5th Keith Brereton 8.0pts

Frostbite 2 saw Keith Brereton triumph in a race series for the first time in a number of years and results reflects the excellent progress Keith has achieved since moving to a Phantom. He did have to share the honours with Paul Kelly who has moved from a standard Laser to a Rooster 8.1, which has a larger sail area. Third place went to Mike Pritchard in a small Laser - he is hoping for a bigger mast and sail for Christmas. Overall results:

1st equal Keith Brereton and Paul Kelly 3.0pts
1st equal Paul Kelly 3.0pts
3rd Mike Pritchard 4.0pts
4th Kevin Milton 6.0pts
5th equal Brian Dennis and Paul and Julie Warren 9.0pts

Click here for full Frostbite 1 results and Click here for full Frostbite 2 results.

October Pursuit race

Twenty-four boats took part in the October Pursuit Race. Bringing back memories to many at Attenborough we had an Enterprise 1-2-3 with father and son John and Ethan Shepherd winning from Phil Shipley and then Don Bishop and Andrew Pettipher. If you feel the race results are incorrect let me know. The Sailing Committee will look at a better way of finishing for 2011.Click for full results.

Mike Pritchard

Ladies Plate

Blustery conditions reduced the turnout this year with several contenders ending up crewing in the Kingfisher Cup instead. However, a fleet of three had some close race. Julie Warren in her Laser Radial had a good start and after one lap was close behind last year's winner, Andrea Murphy, who was finding time way from the club accounts to sail. Andrea slowly increased her lead to cross the line in first place and then waited anxiously to see whether Josie Adams in her Comet would win on handicap. In the end Andrea won by 24 seconds from Josie with Julie third.
Click for full results.

Kingfisher Cup

A fleet of thirteen boats took part in the prestigous Kingfisher Cup in force three winds from the north-east resulting in the usual Attenborough shifts and gusts. A good beat was followed by four downwind legs with some excellent planing conditions in the gusts. An excellent start resulted in Nick and Ruth Marlow leading up the first beat. However, a viscious shift and a port-starboard incident resulted in them being mid-fleet at the first mark. This left Mike Pritchard in the lead closely followed by Kevin Milton in his Phantom. After five of the ten laps, Kevin was in the lead and went onto win the race on the water. Further back Kevin Last caught Mike Pritchard up after six laps and they never stayed more than ten seconds apart to the finish. Meanwhile the Marlows gradually worked their way through the fleet finishing fourth on the water. The current tough Phantom handicap meant that despite winning on the water by nearly two minutes, Kevin Milton finished fourth on handicap. The race was won by Mike Pritchard, last year's winner, followed by Kevin Last and Nick and Ruth Marlow. In a 94 minute race there was only three seconds difference between Kevin Last and the Marlows on handicap. A notable performance during the race was that of Jon Adams in his ultra RS300 who completed the arce as he starts to handle his thoroughbred well.
Click for full results.

Wednesday Series 3 Final Summary

Well no more Wednesday night sailing for another six months. Wednesday Series 3 was sailed in some poor condidtions with light winds and rain dominating after the first race with one race not going ahead due to the poor conditions, so in the end four races sailed with three to count. The first race saw 17 starters with Mike Pritchard in a Laser winning from Nick Marlow and new mid-week crew John Shepherd, sailing a Lark. The next two races were won easily by the Lark team with Kevin Milton putting in two top three finishes to cement third place overall behing the Lark and Laser. The light winds deterred all but the determined with the second race only having five starters although rather more were in the bar for the post race tactical discussion.

The final race was held with 11 starters in dark, wet conditions with at least some wind albeit swirling having navigated itself past the trees by No. 1. Nick Marlow took an early lead from Mike Pritchard, Keith Brereton and Nick Turnbull-Ross and this was further extended when Mike Pritchard misjudged a gybe and hit Nick's Lark and ended up doing a 720 degree turn, or at least two tacks and a gybe. The defining moment in the race was when leaders Nick Marlow and Keith Brereton choose the shorter route from 2 to 7 which took them to the lee of an island whilst the Laser sailors Nick Turnbull-Ross and Mike Pritchard went to windward an kept the stronger wind to lead. Over the next few laps ther was some close on the water sailing between all the boats. Ultimately on handicap the final race was won by Mike Pritchard from Nick Marlow and John Shepherd with Keith Bereton third.

The final race win for Mike meant that there was tie for first place overall between Mike and Nick and John in a Lark. After this success it will be interesting to see who Nick has crewing for him at the Lark Inland Championsips this weekend.

Finally, thanks for all of you who have taken part in Wednesday night sailing this season; fun sailing and a good social eveining afterwards with plenty of takings at the bar helping to keep subscriptions low so hopefully we will see even more of you next season.

Wednesday Series 3 (25 entries)
1st Equal Mike Pritchard 4.0pts
1st Nick Marlow and John Shepherd 4.0pts
3rd Kevin Milton 10.0pts
4th Kevin Last 13.0pts
5th Keith Brereton 13.5pts

Fastnet Race

For the first time in many years, the club ventured outside of Coneries Lagoon. The aptly named Fastnet Race, involved passing through the gap south of No. 6 buoy and then turning starboard up the barge canal, past the Erewash and as far as the footbridge taking walkers to the Trent. Two laps were scheduled and twelve hardy souls took to the start line in a variety of craft in a Force 3 north-westerley.. A gentle warm-up took the boats from the start to No. 1 and then 4 and 6 before entering the unknown. By No.6, Nick Marlow had taken an early lead followed by Nick Turnbull-Ross and Kevin Last. However the start of the barge canal was only a few boat lengths wide and surrounded by trees. In the carnage that followed boats were pointing in all directions and running aground.

Two boats managed by luck/skill to navigate themselves clear and into wider waters. At the bridge turning mark, Mike Pritchard was in the lead, followed by Kevin Last. One lap was enough for Kevin, so Mike quickly built a large lead on the rest of the fleet eventually finishing in an hour and about four minutes ahead of second placed Nick Marlow with Nick Ross a further four minutes behind so a tough race. Four of the twelve boats retired as the ever increasing wind made for very difficult sailing conditions. Almost everyone capsized with Rob Marlow and Margaret Carruthers in the Laser Vago managing this ten times.

Overall a great idea to go up the barge canal and although the author is biased and in a minority of one, he does believe this should be repeated at least once a year. Fastnet Race Results

Round the World Race
Grandeously named by Julie Warren, this involved sailing around all club marks (1,2,5,6,4,3,9,7,8,F). Despite Lasers being in the first four places in the Fastnet Race, the Round the World race was no place for the small Laser and none entered. With seaworthy RS Visions and Wanderers to the fore, nine boats set off. As this Round the World Race only lasted 15 minutes we were invited to go round twice. After his success in the Fastnet Race, Mike Pritchard made it a double, winning the race albeit by being in the fortunate position of sitting in the Hartley Supernova when the race start was announced. The RS Visions of Nick Turnbull-Ross and John Shepherd and Coupe brothers came second and third respectively. Round the World Race Results

Wednesday Series 3 Continues Despite Rain

Rain stopping cricket at Trent Bridge may be understandable but rain stopping sailing. With more cars leaving than arriving and much stroking of chins under grey clouds it was debatable whether Race 2 would take place. Decisive action by OOD Keith Brereton meant the race was on and five hardy souls eventually took to the water. For the first time ever the OOD crew out-numbered the sailors. A damp and less than exhilarating race wwas won by the newly formed team of Nick Marlow and John Shepherd. Wednesday Series 3 Latest Results

Wednesday Series 3 Gets of to a Fine Start

Despite the early start of 18:30hrs (6:30pm), seventeen boats took part in the final Wednesday night race series iof the year, consisting of five races for the Twilight Cup. Continuing a familiar theme there was yet another tie with Andrea Murphy in her Laser tieing for second place with Nick Marlow and his new crew John Shepherd in their Lark. Controversy did surround the race regarding what is a gate on the course and how you should enter it. More on this to follow. Wednesday Series 3 Latest Results

Wednesday Series 2 Final Summary

As ever Wednesday nights provide some of the best sailing at the club. The final race for Wednesday Series 2 was held on the 11th of August with 22 boats taking part. Overall 45 boats took part in the series and average number of starters was 18 with half the races getting 20+. Pleasant summer evening always help and ensure most people stay behind to swell the bar takings

On the water, Mike Pritchard did well in the first half of the series winning most of them such that by half way he had almost won the series. Conversely, Kevin Last had poor results in first hlaf but steadily improved sculminating in a win in the final race that ensured he came second overall from Mike. In third place with a string of second and thirds was Kevin Milton. The first two races did feature excellent performances from Paul Kelly and Josie Adams who the first and second races respectively and illustrate that the racing is becoming more competitive but consistency perhaps needs improving for some. However, consistency can work in different ways and one competitor did put in a particulary consistent performance over the six races they entered with a finish in the second race the only blot on a clean sweep of retirements.

Another good feature of the series is the number of Comets racing and they are now the biggest fleet after Lasers. Indeed Mike Pritchard was so impressed with their growth he had to see what was the attraction and had a try in Mike Leach's boat for the final race and he was very impressed with their performance suggesting they are an ideal boat for those members at the lighter end of the weight scale (less than 65kg). We are hoping to arrange coaching for the Comet sailors in the next month or so and this will be advertised once a date has been agreed.

Wednesday Series 2 (45 entries)
1st Mike Pritchard 7.2pts
2nd Kevin Last 12.0pts
3rd Kevin Milton 16.0pts
4th Roger Day 19.5pts
5th Paul Kelly 28.0pts

Summer Series 1 Results Summary

Unlike last year, Summer Series 1 was held in pleasant summery weather but turnouts were similar to last year – 52 entries this year for Race 1 series with 43 for Race 2. After a good first year the Rookie fleet was less successful these year in terms of the numbers of starters with entries varying greatly with the weather and not many sailed the required 5 races to get onto the podium. David Wright Carol Gimson were leading the series after halfway but the end of university meant Matthew King entered the latter races winning most of them including the final race which meant he and Dave tied for first place with Carol third overall.

For Main and Fast fleets there was close racing at the front. The Main fleet was dominated by Mike Pritchard and top sailor Nick Marlow who rejoined the club after a number of years on the Lark Open Meeting circuit. Despite racing in only five races, Nick won overall. A close battle for third place between Kevin Milton and Roger Day was won by Kevin. The Fast fleet was won easily by Mike Pritchard but there was close racing for the other positions; before the final race less than a point separated Keith Brereton, Nick Turnbull-Ross and Kevin Milton and this is how they finished overall. There was a great battle for 2nd to 5th places. In the Slow fleet, David Wright dominated the first half of the series but a strong run by Andrew Beaumont and Josie Adams later on meant that before the final race any one of the three could have won overall. Josie dominated the final race which meant that she and David Wright tied for first overall with Andrew closely behind in third place.

Rookie (23 entries)
1st eq David Wright 9.0pts
1st eq Matthew and Dennis King 9.0pts
3rd Carol Gimson 12.5pts
4th Jeff Marshall 33.0pts

Main (30 entries)
1st Nick and Ruth Marlow 7.0pts
2nd Mike Pritchard 8.0pts
3rd Kevin Milton 11.3pts
4th Roger Day 12.5pts

Fast (28 entries)
1st Mike Pritchard 7.0pts
2nd Keith Brereton 17.0pts
3rd Nick Turnbull-Ross 18.8pts
4th Kevin Milton 20.0pts

Slow (17 entries)
1st eq Josie Adams 9.0pts
1st eq David Wright 9.0pts
3rd Andrew Beaumont 12.0pts
4th Brendan McGrath 20.0pts

Laser (17 entries)
1st Mike Pritchard 10.0pts
2nd Nick Turnbull-Ross 25.6pts
3rd Carol Gimson 53.3pts
4th Robert Marlow 66.0pts

Junior, Novice and Masters Regatta

The regatta, held in blustery condistions saw an attendance of 15 boats across the three groups. The strong winds had an impact on the Junior fleet with only two of the three races being held. Both were won by Freya and Bronte Corner sailing in an RS Feva with Michael Chapman second in a Topper. Full race results are here.

The Masters event had smaller numbers despite a couple of youngsters joining in for the first time. For those that took part there was close racing between the four entries. Full race results are here.

The Novice fleet saw nine entries ranging from Mirrors to an RS Vareo. The first race held in windy conditions was won by Julie Warren in her Laser from Andrew Beaumont in his Mirror. Perhaps having forgotten the earlier start time, the next two races saw larger fleets. The second race started in even gustier conditions was won by Steve Coupe and Jeremy Straw in a Fireball with Julie second and Tim Lloyd third in a Comet. Going into the final race anyone out of Steve, Julie and Andrew could win the regatta. The race was eventually won by Andrew who beat Julie by 7 seconds on handicap. This meant that they tied for first place overall with Steve and Jeremy close behid in third place. Full race results are here.

Trent Tripartite

A well supported Trent Tripatite was held un Sunday 18th of April at Trent Valley Sailing Club with 10 boats from TV, 4 from Nottingham and 8 from Attenborough. Attenborough attendees were Nick Turnbull-Ross, Josie Adams, Mark and Kevin Last, Brian Dennis, Keith Brereton and Kevin Milton.
Light winds made for tricky sailing conditions with racing dominated by Trent Valley Comoodore in his Thames A Rater which rather dwarfed all other boats, including our Phantoms and Supernova as seen in the pictures, and seemed to be able to make use of the higher winds in the jet stream.
With Attenborough's light weather sailor, Mike Pritchard, volcanic ash bound in China, Attenborough struggled against the river experts. Nick Turnbull-Ross was best overall Attenborough boat in 5th place. Trent Valley easily won the plate with club results as follows:
1st Trent Valley 38pts
2nd Nottingham 85pts
3rd Attenborough 118pts
Click here for individual results. More photos of the day are here.

The Northern Tripartite will be held at Sutton-in-Ashfield Sailing Club on the 16th of May.

Snowdrop Series - Story So Far

After a cold winter the Snowdrop Series has seen the start of milder weather. After 6 of the 12 races, there have been 25 entries with 20 boats racing in the first race on 21st March, a great achievement. This year we have had a few visitors from Trent Valley Sailing Club, who are warming up before therir season starts at the end of March. Ben Richardson of Trent Valley has been demonstrating his skills at the front of the fleet.

There has been close racing in each race with Mike Pritchard and Ben dominating the race series so far. However, as ever the growing Phantom fleet are always at or near the front but so far have not raced enough to challenge the two Lasers. A notable achievement so far is Josie Adams in her Comet and she is currently 6th overal, demonstrating that well sailed slower boats can still be competitive. Click for series results.

2009 Overall Results

A summary of the race results for 2009 are given here 2009 Race Results Summary.
Well done to all winners. Note that this year the Prize Giving will be at the Layinng Up Supper on 12th December at the Stick & Pitcher (near the Tennis Centre on University Boulevard). Tickets are £8 for adults and £4 for juniors.

Ladies Plate

A great turnout of seven provided the largest fleet for the Ladies Plate in over ten years. A great start by Julie Rust meant she was the early leader and holding off, many of our leading lights for several laps. Andrea Murhpy also had a good start and slowlyy moved into the lead, extending it throughout the race to eventually in quite confortably to retain the plate she won last year. Carol Gimson had a close race with Juli Rust, eventually coming second with Julie third. Lou Davensac also had a good race at one stage passing Mike Pritchard on the run. Ju;ie Warren,and Emma Clayton in Toppers and Linda Kay in a Miracle also sailed well but as is often seen the smaller and slower boats very rarely sail to their handicap at Attenborough.
Click for full results.

Kingfisher Cup

A great turnout of nineteen boats for the prestigous Kingfisher Cup. An excellent start at the committee boat end meant Mike Pritchard never looked back and comfortably led round the seven laps in the 90 minute race. The rest of the fleet split into smaller groups with the first group of Andrea Murphy, Keith Brereton, Kevin Last and Keith Brereton having some close racing with positions changing on the water all the time. Further down the fleet there was similar close racing. After completing the 60 minutes of the Ladies Plate, Andrea opted to carry on in the main fleet and this paid off as she eventually came second overall beating Kevin Last by 3 seconds. Following closely behing were Keith Brereton, Dennis King and Brian Dennis. The Commodore unusually came 7th.
Click for full results.

Team Racing

ASC made a change to the normal racing day on Sunday 16 August by arranging a Team Racing event. Nick Turnbull-Ross organised the day and rounded up the members for a briefing in the barge to explain how the event would work and also the ‘rules’!

Fortunately, there were 16 members joining in the event which meant we split up in to four teams of four, known as A,B,C, and D, to keep things simple.

Each team had a leader who then picked a second helm and two crew. Once the teams were set and the rules explained (but not fully understood), we all went out in the four Visions to begin the races. The sun was out and the wind was picking up, ranging between 17 and 20mph.

A short course was set and 12 races took place. Two teams were racing on the water at any one time, meaning that each team were out in two Visions per race – confused? We were at first but then it all fell in to place! Each team raced each other twice, earning points depending on the whole team’s finishing position per race.

Due to the wind speed and the strong gusts the teams were racing round the course in less than 10 minutes. All the teams stayed out on the water in the committee and rescue boat so that we could all swap over in to the Visions without having to keep coming in to moor up. This in itself created great amusement with lots of ‘friendly banter’ being shared on the start line.

Team B – skippered by Mick Adams, included Paul Warren, Lou Davensac and Brendan McGrath, who took the lead on the scoreboard in the first race. Team A – skippered by Brian Dennis, included Steve Coupe, Julie Rust and Emma Clayton, who despite 1 capsize clocked up a fair amount of points over the next couple of races.

Tactics then started coming in to play as everyone’s competitive streak came out, with Paul Warren clearing the way for his team mates by blocking the path of the chasing boat which were Team C – skippered by Kev Milton, including Nick Turnbull-Ross, Livi Rust and Julie Warren. Team C soon came back winning points on the next two races.

The final race saw a battle to the end between teams A and D, resulting in team D winning the final points of the day. Team D – skippered by Bob Ceurstemont, included Kev Last, Andrea Murphy and John Taylor.

The overall winners of the event were Team B, followed by Team A, Team C, and Team D.

The whole event was fantastic, great fun, and very sociable. I personally thought it was one of the best days I have had at the club and loved every minute of it. The final results didn’t matter, we all had a really good time, topped off with a nice cold beer in the sun at the end – Happy Days!

Lou Davensac

Wednesday Series 2

The second Wednesday race series of the season came to a close on the 12 August with 18 boats racing in light and variable winds. This year, 38 boats raced in the series with average turnout of 15 boats. Racing on the water was dominated by Mike Pritchard who won 7 of the 9 races sailed with Mike winning overall by seven points. There was also a close battle for second the third palce with Kevin Milton pipping Roger Day by half a point. As in Series 1, Mr. Consistency, Nick Turnbull-Ross came 5th overall, closely followed by Andrea Murphy in her Laser.
Final Results:
1st Mike Pritchard Laser 5.0pts
2nd Kevin Milton Phantom 12.0pts
3rd Roger Day Phantom 12.5pts
4th Kevin Last Supernova 17.5pts
5th Nick Turnbull-Ross Laser 21.0pts
6th Andrea Murphy Laser 25.0pts
Click for full results.

Nottingham in the Rain

Despite a terrible weather forecast three intrepid crews turned up at Nottingham Sailing Club on Saturday 1st August to try sailing on the river. Light winds and eventual heavy rain didn't dampen too much an interesting sail and thanks go to Nottingham for making us welcome and eventually warm. Mike Pritchard and Dennis and Janice King came second and third with Nick Turnbull-Ross slightly further back. The next Trent Tripartite will be held at Nottingham next Spring.

Summer Series 1 Results Summary

Summer Series 1 was dominated by poor weather (rain and wind) but turnouts were similar to last year – 55 entries this year for Race 1 series, same as last year with 47 for Race 2 compared to 44 last year. The Rookie fleet was a success but entries varied greatly with the weather and not many sailed the required 5 races to get onto the podium. Nick Duffew and David Wright battled it out with Jeff Marshall making a late run in the last race to claim third place overall from Julie Rust. Hopefully entries will continue to rise for Series 2 which starts on 9th August.

For Main and Fast fleets there was close racing at the front seen in the overall results, notable results were for Kevin Last, Kevin Milton and Robyn Pritchard who won a number of races and keeping Mike Pritchard and Roger Day on their toes. Overall the Main fleet was very close – 1.2 points between the first three overall, with Kevin Milton and Mike Pritchard tying for first place. Similarly for the Fast fleet there was a great battle for 2nd to 5th places. In the Slow fleet, Nick Duffew dominated the first half of the series but a strong run by Andrew Beaumont, culminating in a win in the last race ensured there was a tie for first place. The Laser Cup, run in parallel with the other races, resulted in a win for Mike Pritchard from Nick Turnbull-Ross and Ray Kemish. Yes Nick, you didn't come 5th.

Rookie (24 entries)
1st Nick Duffew 5.0pts
2nd David Wright 10.0pts
3rd Jeff Marshall 14.0pts
4th Julie Rust 21.3pts
5th John Ward 66.0pts

Main (31 entries)
1st eq Kevin Milton 6.3pts
1st eq Mike Pritchard 6.3pts
3rd Kevin Last 7.5pts
4th Roger Day 16.0pts
5th Nick Turnbull-Ross 21.0pts

Fast (32 entries)
1st Mike Pritchard 5.0pts
2nd Robyn Pritchard 8.8pts
3rd Roger Day 12.0pts
4th Kevin Last 12.5pts
5th Kevin Milton 13.0pts

Slow (15 entries)
1st eq Andrew Beaumont 7.5pts
1st eq Nick Duffew 7.5pts
3rd Derek Harbour 12.5pts
4th David Wright 16.3pts
5th Rob Underwood 20.0pts

Laser (19 entries)
1st Mike Pritchard 10.0pts
2nd Nick Turnbull-Ross 19.0pts
3rd Ray Kemish 26.7pts
4th Robyn Pritchard 54.4pts
5th Dave Nettleton 66.0pts

Junior, Novice and Masters Regatta

The regatta, held in blustery condistions saw a record attendance of 20 boats across the three groups. The Junior fleet benefitted from the first RYA Junior training run by the club with entrants in Toppers, Lasers and Dragon Blues (similar to Optimists). Showing no fear in the windy conditions the youngsters demonstrated that it was possible to invert a boat fully at Attenborough, albeit a Dragon. Two races were held with the first won by Shannon Hamilton in a Topper with Christa Beaumont second and Jemma Hamilton third. Christa won the second race from Alex Gilbert and Jemma and thus won overall. Full race results are here.

The Masters event had smaller numbers, supposedly because some members refuse to acknowledge they are getting older. For those that took part there was close racing between Roger Day and Bob Ceurstemount for first place with Roger coming out on top. The dual for third place was between Mirror sailors Richard Wood and Dave Barrowcliffe making his debut of the season a successful one. Full race results are here.

The Novice fleet saw nine entries ranging from Mirrors to Visions. The first race in windy conditions was won by Adrian Clarke and his son Alistair, from Andrew Beaumont and Richard Hamilton. The second race started in even gustier conditions resulting in a few retirements including Adrian in his Enterprise after the kicking strap fitting was ripped out of the bottom of the boat. Never has a boat had so much gear failure but it is now almost new. The race was eventually won by Richard Hamilton in a Vision with Andrew Beaumont second and Brendan McGrath third in another Mirror. The final race should have been a decider between Adrian and Richard who both a previous race, but unfortunately Richard couldn't enter. Adrian won the race comfortably from Andrew Beaumont and Brendan McGrath, leaving Adrian as overall winner. Full race results are here.

The day was a great success and ultimately dominated by the Beaumont, Clarke and Hamilton families so congratulations to them and hopefully we will now see more juniors on the water.

Kev Milton and Nick in first tie of season

Demonstrating the continuing close racing this year we had the first tie when Kevin Milton and Nick Turnbull-Ross came equal second in Sunday's Fast Handicap fleet (Race 7). This demonstrates how critcal time keeping is.

Attenborough Win Northern Tripartite by Ten Points

Despite reduced numbers due to hangovers after the 50th Bash, Attenborough won the Tripartite at Swarkestone, only after 72 hour wait whilst the results were recounted. Overall results:
Attenborough: 157 pts
Sutton in Ashfield: 167 pts
Swarkestone: 199 pts

34 boats took part and the Attenborough team of 8 was our smallest for a number of years but thanks to Steve, Coupe and Jeremy Straw, Brian Dennis, Ray Kemish, Kevin Milton, Paul Warren and Mike and Robyn Pritchard. In the individual results Mike came 3rd and Kevin 5th but all boats contributed to a great win which means we have won both inter-club competitions this year. Click for full results.

Summer Series 1

The Summer Series 1 races started on Sunday 10th of May with the format changed to encourage those relatively new to sailing, the Rookie. The Rookie fleet is aimed at those who are relatively new to racing whilst the Main fleet is for those who have sailed for some time. Despite some mixed weather in June, the five races to date have been well supported with last Sunday (14th June) seeing 15 boats in the Main fleet and 10 in the Rookie fleet. Feedback from those taking part is that the Rookie idea is a good one and I encourage any beginners who haven't yet to give it a go. Overall race results so far are given below for the Rookie fleet (the Main fleet is excluded to prevent further coverage of the usual suspects). Nick Duffew and David Wright are the early leaders but with four more races to go things could change. Not featuring on the leader board is Julie Warren who although having two firsts and a thirds, which would have made her fourth overall has raced in three different classes, which count as separate entries. Presumably she will stop when she has been through the ten or so classes we sail at the club but it will be interesting to see her in a Phantom.

1st Nick Duffew Enterprise 3.0pts
2nd David Wright Comet 4.5pts
3rd Jeff Marshall Laser Radial 12.0pts
4th Julie Rust Laser 13.0pts
5th Peter Headland Miracle 19.0pts
6th Rob Underwood Wanderer 25.0pts

Wednesday Series 1

The first Wednesday race series of the season came to a close on the 3rd of June with 18 boats racing in light winds. Wednesday night racing is very popular at the club with high numbers racing and with most sailors decamping to the bar afterwards it is the most sociable race day at the club. This year, 35 boats raced in the series with average turnout of 15 boats. Racing on the water was dominated by Roger Day and Mike Pritchard who won 8 of the 10 races between them with Mike eventually winning overall by two points. There was also a close battle for third place Nick Turnbull-Ross and the two Kevins, Last and Milton. Nick is now making 5th place his own.
Final Results:
1st Mike Pritchard Laser 6.0pts
2nd Roger Day Phantom 9.0pts
3rd Kevin Milton Phantom 14.4pts
4th Kevin Last Supernova 18.0pts
5th Nick Turnbull-Ross Laser 19.0pts
6th Andrea Murphy Laser 26.4pts
Click for full results.

Pursuit Race

Bob Ceurstemont and Brian Dennis in a Vision won the Charity Pursuit race from 14 entries with Mike Pritchard and Paul Warren second and third. Over £120 was raised for the RNLI. Click for full results.

Snowdrop Race Series

The first race series of the season came to a close on Sunday 26th of April with 17 boats racing in light winds under a blue sky. After a windy start to the series the weather has improved as the series as progressed. The better weather may have helped increase numbers as this year 40 boats raced in the series compared to 28 in 2008, with average turnout of 15 this year compared to 10 last year. I hope that with god weather and new members joining all the time we can continue with these healthy numbers. Racing on the water was dominated by Mike Pritchard who won 9 of the 12 races, seven in his Laser and two in Roger Day's Phantom. Not surprisingly this meant Mike won the series overall from Kevin Milton who has quickly go to grips with his Phantom after many years in a Laser. Other notable performances were from Paul Warren, Nick Duffew and overall the standard of sailing is improving.
Final Results:
1st Mike Pritchard Laser 7.0pts
2nd Kevin Milton Phantom 16.0pts
3rd Kevin Last Supernova 26.0pts
4th Brian Dennis Phantom 43.5pts
5th Keith Brereton RS Vareo 44.5pts
6th Paul Warren Fireball 45.0pts
Paul sailed with a variety of Fireball crews, most notably Julie Warren and Emma Clayton.
Click for full results.

Trent Tripartite

The first Trent Tripartite was held at Attenborough on Sunday the 19th of April. Initiated by the club it is intended to be an annual inter-club event involving Attenborough, Nottingham and Trent Valley Sailing Clubs with the intention it will rotate around the clubs each year. This year we couldn't have asked for better weather, light winds with sunny skies resulted in 32 boats being involved in the three race series. Good weather always helps but the club did look impressive and we have had excellent feedback from the visiting clubs. The racing was well organised by the ODDs Steve Coupe and Jeremy Straw with Dennis and Mark Bell on rescue with our Social Secretary, Julie Rust, producing an excellent buffet for half-time. On the water Attenborough did very well demonstrating that for a club of our size we do have a good depth for club racing. The three races were won by different sailors, Mike Pritchard and Roger Day of Attenborough won the first two with Ben Richardson of Trent Valley easily winning the final race. For the individual race series there was a three way tie between Roger Day, Kevin Milton and Mike Pritchard of Attenborough with each winning a tankard. There were also individual prizes for race winners and first two from each club. These prizes were the exclusive Attenborough Sailing Club 50th Anniversary mugs. These limited edition collector's items (see photo) will soon be on sale to members. 1st equal Roger Day, Kevin Milton, Mike Pritchard The club prize, a silver salver donate by Attenborough for the 50th anniversary was won by the home club, quite easily in the end. The scores for the first four from each club in each race counted to the overall score and for Attenborough in addition to the individual winners, Brian Dennis and Robyn Pritchard were the other Attenborough scorers. The overall result is below:
1st Attenborough 50pts
2nd Nottingham 101pts
3rd Trent Valley 130pts
Click for full results.