Boat on water

Friday Casual Sailing

From early April to early October there is regular casual sailing on Friday evenings, from 5.30pm to dusk. You can have a sail then enjoy the barbecue and the club house will be open. Dennis and/or Mark will be there on almost every Friday. But if you want to check beforehand you can contact us either on the forum, email: or phone/text: 07906 542142.

"If anyone is interested in starting earlier, let me know, I might be able to get there earlier."


Saturday Sailing

You can sail at the club when there are Saturday training or other events on. See the handbook for the calendar. Usually there is plenty of space on the lake for cruising around. There will be a safety boat on the water at these times.

On other Saturdays, have a look in the casual sailing section of the forum. You can see when people are planning to sail or post your own plans. Most Saturdays there will be someone sailing and around to open the club house.


You are also welcome to sail on Sundays. There are two races on Sunday afternoons with a gap in between. There is usually someone down the club from an hour or so before the first race and the club house will be open. The safety boat will be on the water from 30 minutes before the race. If you are cruising during the race, please keep clear of the course (posted on the board in the cabin near the ladies changing rooms or obvious once started). The best way to avoid getting in the way of the race is to sign up and follow along (overtaking boats must keep clear).






If you have any questions about cruising or casual sailing, you can post them in the forum or email Harriet or Dennis:

Most important - enjoy! It is a lovely place to spend the day.