Club Emails to Members

Club members, the club uses Mailchimp to send emails with news and updates to club members.

Mailchimp tells us that typically only 70-85% of members are opening these emails, so lots of you are missing out on the information contained in them.

You might find they’ve gone into your spam folder – if you do, move them to your primary inbox and your email software should learn not to treat them as spam in the future. There may be other things that you can do to help that are specific to your email provider.

The emails come from

You can also find most of the Mailchimp emails in the email archive on the website, at this link, although you’ll need to log in to the website to be able to see this page:


Dutyman Emails

We also use Dutyman to manage club duties. Dutyman sends emails to club members with allocated club duties and reminders when they’re close. You may also get duty swap requests from other club members via Dutyman and you can request duty swaps yourself using the system.

These emails come from

Please look out for the Dutyman emails, you should have already received Dutyman emails with your club duties for the year.