Launching and Recovery of Power Boats

There is now available guidance instructions on the launching and recovery of power boats using Trevor the tractor. Please read through them and ensure that you understand the processors before […]


Casual Sailing Coaching Resumes

Keith Adams has offered to hold some Casual Sailing Coaching sessions for anyone who is interested. They will be from 5:00 on Friday 20th Aug

Race Report from Sunday 23/5/21

CASTOR AND POLLUX SHOW THEIR COLOURS   On this first Sunday under the new sign of Gemini, nature had the last word.    Even though the race crew were down […]

Satuurday Evening 29th MAy

The Saturday Evening Fun race for the 29th of May has been canceled. it will start on the 29th of June.  Hope to see you then  Rgds  Duncan 

Wednesday 12 May sailing Report

Wednesday 12 May sailing Just four boats took to the start line for the 5 p.m. race in a light breeze which lead to a short figure-eight course being set. […]