Youth Improver & Racing Activities in 2019

having_fun_topperYouth Improvers Training

A number of training events are arranged, from May to September, to improve the sailing skills of youth members (8 to 17 years) and to those holding the RYA Stage 2 certificate the opportunity to progress to Stages 3 and 4 and the Youth Start Racing certificate.

The dates for 2019 are as follows:

Saturday 27th April from 13.30 hrs

Saturday11th May from 13.30 hrs

Friday 31st May from 18.30 hrs

Saturday 8th June from 13.30 hrs

Friday 28th June from 18.30 hrs 

Friday 12th July from 18.30 hrs

Friday 26th July from 18.30 hrs

Saturday 10th August from 13.30 hrs

Friday 23th August from 18.30 hrs

Friday 6th September from 18.30 hrs

Saturday 21st September from 13.30 hrs (followed by the party)

Youth Cygnet Race Series

To promote the integration of under 18 junior and youth sailors into the clubs general racing the Cygnet Race Series will be run alongside the Summer Series starting in July.

Racing Starts at 14:00hrs, separate Cygnet Race start 5 minutes after the main fleet start.

5 from 8 races to count. See the Sailing Programme for dates and times.

Pursuit Race Series

3 Pursuit races will be run, see the Sailing Programme for dates and times.

Start times will be according to boat PY handicap so our junior and youth sailors, who generally sail in Toppers, will start the race together and before the faster boats who will attempt to catch them up during this extended race.

This is an ideal opportunity for youth sailors to show the rest how it’s done!

Regatta and Cup Events

Junior and youth sailors are of course included in the Regatta and Cup events which are held at various times during the season. See the Sailing Programme for details.

Other Race Series

Other race series are held throughout the spring, summer, autumn and winter and our junior and youth sailors are welcome to join these races and sail alongside the adults. 

Casual Sailing

On Fridays and Saturday evenings, with the adults, juniors and youths can sail around the lake. There will be a powerboat if assistance is needed. See the Cruising section for more information.

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding Youth Sailing please contact Jill Reid (