Early Season Saturdays

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Early Season Saturdays

Postby Harriet » 17 Apr 2017, 15:29

Welcome to all those who have been down to the club on Fridays and Saturdays so far. It has been lovely.

Some quick notes on upcoming weeks for Saturdays:
22 April – we are sharing the water with the Juniors. This means more boats on the water, but always a great atmosphere and plenty of room on the pond.
29 April – we are sharing with the power boat course. We may not be able to come down to the club for all or part of the afternoon due to other commitments but the club house is likely to be open all day, but please make your drinks quietly when ‘class is in session’. Since power gives way to sail, there is always plenty of space ;) and you never know, you might get a very enthusiastic rescue.
May 6th – Sharing with Juniors, see above. We are not able to be present on this day but facilities will be open.
May 13th Comet Open ***no casual sailing*** (why not come on Friday instead) but bar/kettle is available if you want to watch the races
May 20th, 27th Casual Sailing afternoons

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