Saturdays in August and September

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Saturdays in August and September

Postby Harriet » 21 Aug 2016, 20:57

So, first, sorry. It seems I failed to post before I took a holiday. Remember you can sail at any (day) time at your own risk. The club house work party is also going on most saturdays. Don't let that put you off sailing. They'd be glad of your help tho-either before or after your sail.

Casual saturdays will carry on until the clocks change or the weather fails us.

We had some extra wind and rain this week ( 20th). I'm afraid we ran away.
Sat 27th- I'm afraid we can't make it down this weekend, but I'm sure others will be around.

3 sept. Big weekend! Saturday is power boat comp and junior races, and then food and social in the evening. There will be lots of time and space for you to get your boat out. Why not make a day of it.

10 sept - juniors are out. Casual sailing is on too. Club house will be open in the afternoon.

17sept. If the weather is favourable, we'll open the club house.

24 sept. The training course is on. This means the club house will be open but we need to let them use it when they need it. That said, there is always plenty of space for a sailing when the course is on.

Happy sailing.

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