Saturdays in July

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Saturdays in July

Postby Harriet » 02 Jul 2016, 20:06

Hello again

Summer is here, the evenings are still long, so lets hope for some nice casual sailing. Casual Saturday sailing will continue, in conjunction with the club house build and the Juniors. It looks like there is a push to get the club house roof on over the next few weeks so why not come and give them a hand in the morning and then have a relaxing sail (or practice your race technique if thats you bag) in the afternoon. When the juniors is on there is a nice family feel around the club too. IF Saturday isn't for you, don't forget Friday evening, often with a bbq when the whether smiles on the club.

July 2nd: training course. Casual sailing was on, but I confess every time we looked out the window there was a horrible storm so I confess we didn't make it.

July 9th: Junior training and racing in the afternoon. Casual sailing on the rest of the lake (plenty of space, don't be put off). From 1pm. There will be a safety boat out for the juniors.

16th Juniors, as above.

23rd. We'll be at the club from around 2pm, earlier if it looks nice. We have to go on somewhere later so we'll be prompt at be locking up at 4pm, but of course you can stay if the wind is with you (and you are not in a club boat).

30th We'll be at the club from about 2pm.

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