Saturdays in May (update)

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Saturdays in May (update)

Postby Harriet » 04 May 2016, 20:08

Casual Saturdays and Fridays continue in May.

It looks likely that the building parties will extend over to the afternoon for the first couple of weekends.

Those organising have emphasised that casual sailing can and should carry on. I’m sure they would also appreciate an hour or so’s help, but do keep carrying on sailing.

If you want to sail after the work party; where possible, we’ll aim to keep the club house open for an hour or so after the end of the work party. (Of course you can sail when the club house isn’t open - you just can’t have a beer or alternative afterwards.)

Dates of Interest
14th: Hopefully some lovely sailing, perhaps with some Juniors joining us. We'll keep the club house open after the work party, weather etc permitting.
21st: No casual sailing - the Supernova open is on the lake, but do come on Friday.
28th: Junior racing all afternoon. There is always plenty of lake left over.

Dennis is planning to start BBQs with Friday evening sailing, starting at the end of the month.

See you there!
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