Saturdays in April

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Saturdays in April

Postby Harriet » 31 Mar 2016, 19:47

(Updated 2 Apr)
Saturday sailing is beginning. The rules now say* you can sail when you want, as long as you stay in your ability. However, its nice to sail when there are others are around and with the club house open.

On Saturdays Harry and I aim to get down every week to open the clubhouse. This will usually be 1-3, but we've decided to let this slip to 2-4 while the next few working parties are on. I'll write what our plans are for the month in permitting.

2nd - Working party until 2pm. We'll then keep the club house open until around 4pm, depending on who's around.
9th - Working party until 2pm, Power boat course all day. The clubhouse will be open all day, but please keep to the kitchen end when they are teaching in there
16th Working party tbc We'll open the clubhouse 2-4
23rd Working party tbc We'll open the clubhouse 2-4, but Juniors will be in from 1ish
30th Working party tbc We'll open the clubhouse 2-4, but Juniors will be in from 1ish.

Do feel you can come and sail, even if you are not in the working party that week. Even better, do a bit of work-partying, then do a bit of sailing. Lovely. Sailing can carry on whilst the new club house site is you don't have to wait until 2pm if the wind calls you.

Note we are not putting out a safety boat (if we did, we'd never sail ourselves). Depending on demand, we could do safety boated casual sailing some weeks later in the year.

There is usually a safety boat for the Juniors - obviously it will be concerned with the juniors. There is usually plenty of room on the rest of the lake.


*Year book is wrong, a correction will go out soon
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