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Saturdays in September

PostPosted: 17 Aug 2014, 14:30
by Harriet

Slightly early, but here is the run down for the end of August and September. We've had a good Saturday turn out lately and some lovely afternoons sailing.

23rd Aug: Club diary doesnt show casual sailing. I don't know why. I'll show up about 1, but can't stay late.

30 Aug: We'll be down after lunch, as usual.

6 Sept: Juniors are on so they'll open up whether or not we are there, but we'll be sailing, weather permitting.

13 Sept: Juniors again, so as above.

20 Sept: Sailing course is on. Casual sailing is on, but keep out the way.

27th: Second weekend of the sailing course. Some of them will be dead good by now.

So, thats 4 weeks where there will be a safety boat out on Saturday...but it wont necessarily be watching the 'casuals'.

See you there!