Trent Tri-Partite Information for 24th April, 2016

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Trent Tri-Partite Information for 24th April, 2016

Postby DuncanAdams » 25 Jan 2016, 22:02

Hi all
Id like to start to get an idea of who is planning too attended the Trent Tri-Partite - this year it is being held at Trent Valley SC

These events are great fun and are an easy way to start gaining more experience for open meetings, and getting used to packing our boats away and towing,
Not to mention the events are only successful if we if all the clubs put teams in. and how nice it would be to bring the trophy home after an away win

Please can you list your interested below if you are willing t attend, or it you are wiling to crew for someone or Helm or if you need a lift or borrow trailer?
basic details are below.

Trent Valley SC Vs Nottingham SC Vs Attenborough SC
To be sailed this year at Trent Valley SC
First race starts at 11am (tbc)

Any ?? let me know

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