A commanding Wednesday evening performance from Mike

Wednesday night saw a 15 strong fleet and some reasonable wind for race No. 8 of the series. After a slightly starboard biased start Mike soon managed to clear the fleet and the weed to take the lead. Jonathan, however, had some technical difficulties just before the start and had to take a pit stop […]

Wednesday night sees close racing with a tie for first place

Another great turnout of 15 boats on a warm summers evening with the drama of a premature start the wind slowly died and then finally increased towards the end of the race. There was a close finish with a tie for first place between Paul Jago and Jonathan Adams with Kev Last in third pace. […]

Cygnets Race Through Islands Chicane

Cygnet Series 4th Race 3rd June 2017. Saturday’s race was a great success as it was the first race of the year that all starting racers actually finished. On the water Martin came first followed by: Jill, David, Iona, Rhys, Thomas and Lisa. The wind was good but the course was tricky, all racers suffered […]

Frostbite Series All TIED Up for 2016

Paul Jago and Kevin Last won the two races today in balmy weather. Poorer performances from Kevin Milton and Roger Day but despite this they both tied for first overall with Kevin Last third. In Series 2, Kevin’s final race win meant an unbelievable three way tie for first overall with Roger and Kevin’ first […]