Flood Alert

Red Flood Warning – Check your boats!

Hi Everyone, as you may have seen from Keith’s recent post on Facebook, we are currently having trouble with MailChimp. We’re working on it and are getting closer to getting back in. We do have some important messages to send out so I’m sending them out through as many channels as possible other than email!

Red Flood Warning:

There is currently a red flood warning out for Attenborough Nature Reserve, with water levels expecting to continue to rise into tomorrow (18/02/2020). Please take the time to pop down to the club to check that your boat is alright and tied down to prevent anything happening to it over the next few days.

It would also be worth checking on your boat as we have had a few weeks of bad weather, and some boats have been knocked over, so please check on your boat(s) as soon as possible!

Apologies for not sending this out sooner, but we should hopefully have the email system up and running again soon!

Thank you!