2019 Duty Rota Bookings Now Being Taken

I have put some sheets up in the barge clubhouse for you to enter race duties for next season. Please enter 3 to 4 dates. The sheet will be up until after the Boxing Day race. I will try and honour all dates entered. For those who aren’t able to enter dates then duties will be allocated by me, although please email if you want any dates to be excluded. I expect the Dutyman rota will be published in the second week of February.

Note OOD1 is the Race Officer in charge of a race and will set the course; OOD2 is the Time Keeper who will be on the committee boat with ODD1 and will help with raising and lowering flags and recording lap times; OOD3 is the Safety Boat Officer and will be in charge of the Safety Boat during races; OOD4 is the Safety Boat Crew who will be in the Safety Boat with OOD3.