Summer Came to an End this Sunday

The last races in the Summer Series were held with 21 entries sailing in lovely sunny weather on great courses set by Paul Kelly.

The Handicap Series race was won by Nick and Ruth Marlow from Richard Savage and Paul Jago.

Overall the series was won fairly easily by Kevin Milton with Roger Day and Nick Turnbull-Ross and Louis Mok having a battle for podium places.
Final Overall:
1st Kevin Milton Phantom 15pts
2nd Roger Day Supernova 22.5pts
3rd Nick Turnbull-Ross Laser 26pts
4th Louis Mok Laser 29pts

The last two races have seen a surge of interest in the Fast and Slow fleet and another great entry. The fast fleet race was won by Lick and Rith with Mike Pritchard winning the slow fleet.

Kevin Milton who didn’t sail today won Fast fleet overall:
1st Kevin Milton Phantom 10pts
2nd Roger Day Supernova 15pts
3rd Nick Marlow with Iona Reid and Ruth Marlow Lark 33pts
4th Bob Cuerstemont Supernova 38.3pts

The Slow Fleet overall was a bit of a walkover with Mike Pritchard winning five of the six races he sailed.
1st Mike Pritchard Laser 5pts
2nd Iona Reid Topper 52.5pts
3rd Nick Turnbull-Ross Laser 56pts
4th Jill Reid Laser Radial 59pts