Spring Series Ends This Sunday

Final spring series races this Sunday and all to play for in Gold, Silver and Bronze Fleets.

In the Gold fleet Mike Pritchard has won already and Jill Reid second with Ray Kemish and Kevin Milton battling for third, Rob Corner is already relegated and last two places will be between Paul Jago, Dennis King, Kevin Last and Bob Curestemont.

In the Silver fleet the battle for the three promotion places still not clear with four boats in the frame. First place seems to be between Andrew Beaumont and Lous Mok with Malcolm Davisdon an outside bet. Iona Reid can still get in top three. The three relegation places are between Jeff Marshall, Keith Brereton, Duncan Adams and Josie Adams.

Promtion from the bronze fleet isbetween Nick Colbeck, Mick Adams, Mike Leach and Richard Savage.

In the Fast fleet top three positions are still up for grabs between Kevin Milton, Paul Jago, Roger Day and Richard Savage. In the Slow fleet, Mike Pritchard has won overall with scond and third between Andrew Beaumont, Jill reid, Dennis King and Malcolm Davidson.