Clubhouse Build

Internally we have started to prepare benches removed from the old changing rooms ready for fitment into the new. Painters required.

Awaited are decisions on the galley equipment and flooring for the club room area and then a big clean up will be required in preparation for laying the flooring before fitting the galley and bar.

Externally, work has started in building the balcony to run around two sides of the building plus having a disabled ramp on the north west end of the building. Picture shows early work putting in the footings. Further footings required whilst others can continue with the woodwork which has begun.

Apart from the clubhouse build other work is required around the compound to clear things and make good a number of issues for safety reasons. Please help if at all possible.

No-one said Sundays would be a good day for them and so we continue each Saturday from about 09:30 until you have to go. This will continue until the clubhouse is completed.