Wednesday Evening Race Write up.

• Very light wind (1-2 knots??)

• Brian & Flo decide to launch committee boat, which surprised a number of participants due to the light wind conditions. However, it proved to be the right decision, with a simple course being set in the middle of the pond where most of what little wind there was, appeared to be located.

• K. Brereton entering the racing following a long lay off.

• A short start line was set, with what seemed when the race started, a small number of boats were ‘on course side’ of the start line. Did not hear are a call or notice the appropriate flag flying.

• Two ‘Phantoms’ & a laser were first to the windward mark, with the laser on the inside deciding to use to his advantage the starboard rule to take the Phantoms well beyond the mark.

• The three participating Phantoms soon overtake the Laser, to sail their own race.

• Three circuits of the course, the Phantoms leading the way with K.B. loosing none of His sharpness for sailing in the very Light wind.

• I think all boats completed the same number of laps, some obviously taking longer than others.

Kev M 


This also sees the end of the First Wednesday evening Series and going into the last race it was second and third place all to play for.

Top 5 As follows – Well done to all, see you next week. 

1st Duncan Adams PHANTOM 5
2nd Jon Adams   LASER 10
3rd Kevin Last   SUPERNOVA 10
4th Mike Pritchard LASER 15
5th Gary Cawthorn SUPERNOVA 18.8