Wednesday Race is Hotting Up

The Wednesday evening race launched with what had looked like a very promising forecast, however, the Wednesday demons were on form and the wind started to drop. Luckily a rain cloud over yonder brought in some wind as the 1 minute countdown started. It all equaled an interesting start on a heavier port bias line. 

As the fleet took off Duncan took an early lead and led from start to finish with Kev in the other Phantom giving him a race until a gear change created a gap of a few minutes. The Lasers of Jon Adams and Ray Kemish had a great battle, swapping places throughout the race, only coming to an end when Jon hand the foresight to go over the top of the island and not under it taking the lead, leaving Ray to play catch-up for the rest of the race. 

Great to see new members Lara and Joe giving the old boys Bob and Malcolm a run for their money. 

Special mentions go to Paul Jago and Bob for their show of sportsmanship after a long drifting last lap. 

On another note, the clubhouse looks great. Well done to all who have been involved with it. If you are reading this and have some spare time to lend a hand, please get in touch with one of the bosuns who can direct you to a job – no need to have skills, just hands and willingness to help.

Until next time,

 Happy sailing

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